1. The Book Cellar:

The Book Cellar is a woman-owned independent bookstore, located in the heart of Old Town Conyers, GA. We offer a variety of titles, new and used. Our cafe is the perfect place to grab light fare & drinks while you relax and read your favorite book. Our vision is to bring a welcoming space to the local community, where people can come together and bond over their love of reading and fellowship. Soon we hope to host community events as well as offer a space for book club meetings. 

The Book Cellar shall have two tented booths at the Conyers Book Festival with a wide variety of books from established authors. Inside The Book Cellar on the day of the festival, they will also host several author talks and book signings with a roster to be announced soon.

2. Author, T. K. Read:

T.K. Read is a Conyers, Georgia attorney and an award wining artist and author. Her debut title, Ranger Nader & The Sunstruck Phantom, was the Gold Medal Winner of the 2022 Global Book Award in the Children’s Fantasy and Supernatural Category, a finalist in The IAN, Wishing Shelf, Readers’ Favorite , and Indie Excellence Awards, and was Long Listed by the Green Earth Book Awards. The book is appropriate for ages 9 and up, and is a fantastical version of TK’s ancestors’ real life struggle to protect Lebanon’s famous cedar forest. In it, Ranger inherits the title of “Forest Keeper,” a magic ax, and the family feud with Gilgamesh of Epic fame. The crazy demigod-king has returned to destroy the Forest and the world, and Ranger has to stop him. 

Ranger Nader & The Sunstruck Phantom by TK Read writing as “Kam Karem”

Ms. Read will be debuting the second book in the series, Ranger Nader & The Unsolvable Riddle, at the 2023 Conyers Book Festival. for more information on the first book in the series, go here:

3. Author, Dr. Valencia Weaver:

Dr. Valencia Weaver is a native of Brunswick, GA. She is a graduate of University of Alabama Tuscaloosa campus with Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree and Georgia State University with a Master of Science in nursing. She has been a registered nurse for over thirty-five years, nurse practitioner for fifteen years, and a military trauma nurse for over eleven years. Dr. Weaver published her DNP scholarly project in a Urologic Nursing journal in March 2022 and presented multiple nursing research studies at nursing conferences. Also, she has published two children books and works at the Atlanta VA Medical Center in the Home-Based Primary Care Program caring for military Veterans. After returning from Afghanistan, Dr. Weaver enjoyed spending time with her only grandchild.

She read to her granddaughter and saw how fascinated she was with the books and being read too. She looked for children’s books that she and her granddaughter could identified with. She found very few African American children series books that she could read to her granddaughter.

As a child while growing up there was no series that she could read about African American children. She grew up reading Pipi Long Stocking, Winnie the Pooh, and Nancy Drew. After having children, she read books such as Dr. Seuss, Arthur, Junie B, and other books that her children were fascinated with. During that time there were still no African American children’s books. Dr. Weaver decided to write children books. Currently, she resides in Flowery Branch, GA.

4. Author, Zachary Jeffries:

Zachary Jeffries writes high-imagination Young Adult Fantasy in contemporary settings. These fast-paced books feature realistic, snarky teens with realistic problems, like catching rides and passing tests. On the other hand, they also feature fantastical Fates, Reapers, and witches with fantastical problems, like curses and threats to the balance of life and death.

Z Jeffries writes Middle GradeScience Fiction adventures that move at the speed of light. High-concept adventures are packed full of as many tropes and interesting characters as can fit in his lightning-fast stories.

You can visit for free fiction from either of his pen names.–

5. Author, Dr. Kendrick Savage

Dr. Kendrick Savage is the author of A Few Steps in the Right Direction: Give Yourself the Chance You Deserve. He started writing this book years ago during a very difficult moment in graduate school. He didn’t realize it at the time, but writing this book became his way of motivating and encouraging his way through this difficult time. This moment encouraged him to write something that would encourage others who might also be going through a difficult time. He wanted people to believe in themselves and not to allow the limitations that others place on them or the hardships of life to get the best of them.

This book is also his reflection on the power of God and everything He has meant to his life. It is a source of encouragement for anyone and everyone that needs it! This book highlights moments where he had a choice of going either left or right, backwards or forwards, to listen or not to listen, or to give up or keep going. These are inspirational moments and moments of impact. These are the moments he call A Few Steps in the Right Direction! We all have these moments. Moments that somehow leave a lasting impact on the direction of our lives. Some come out of nowhere, whereas others we see coming like headlights on a dark road. Nevertheless, if handled carefully, these moments can serve as a few steps in the right direction if we allow them to.

In this book, Dr. Savage aim to share some of those moments with you from his life and what that has meant for his journey. He hopes it blesses you as much as it blessed him.

6. Author, Dr. Jamye Curry Savage:

Dr. Jamye Curray Savage

Dr. Jamye Curry Savage is a resident of Lawrenceville, Georgia. She is a Mathematics professor at Georgia Gwinnett College and a children’s book author. She is the wife of Dr. Kendrick Savage, and mother of three daughters.

Dr. Curry has written a children’s book titled It’s Pi(e) Day: an entertaining read where a fun math-themed day of celebration is introduced, where kids are free to enjoy all kinds of pi(e)s. The tale is sprinkled with humor and a “taste” of math that kids will definitely enjoy. Dr. Curry shares, “Ellie Elephant and her friends are introduced to a very special day known as Pi(e) Day. All the animal friends are so excited to celebrate the day as they envision the day will be filled with eating lots of delicious and tasty pie. However, there is a very interesting twist as the friends will instead be introduced to the unique number pi. They will acquire many fascinating facts about the number and learn what makes it unique, such as how it is measured and calculated. But will the animal friends be thrilled about this twist and excited to discover a little ‘taste’ of math? Will they eventually have a fun-filled day of celebration and get what they’re hoping for in the end?”

Dr. Jamye Curry Savage’s book is a helpful way to teach children about the number pi and its uniqueness. She skillfully created a story book for children to learn about this fascinating number in a fun and creative way.

7. Multi-cultural and Bilingual Bookstore, THE Little Book Spot: Also:

733 Pleasant Hill Rd, Suite e30, Lilburn, GA 30047

THE Little Book Spot specializes in bilingual books of varied genres that elevate varied authors of multi-cultural works.

8. Publisher, 1010 Publishing:

1010 Publishing, 280 Winslow Way, Bethlehem, GA 30620

1010 Publishing launched in 2018 with the release of our first book, “3,585 Miles to be an American Girl”. 1010 Publishing was launched by a life-long educator, whose sole mission is to increase access to literary works that reflect the beautiful world we live in! That includes stories, characters, and LANGUAGES. We have titles that include Spanish, Twi, Vietnamese, Traditional Chinese, French, and Korean. We are a fairly new & small publishing press that focuses on the release of books in a bilingual format. We are ready to
work alongside authors and excited to publish their literary works. Browse our site to discover more about what we have to offer you and your manuscript. We offer freelance services such as editing, graphic design, and beta readers as well. We invite you to connect with us on social media and via our website

9. Author, Gina Gallois:

Known for loving opossums, rescuing street kitties, and kid-wrangling, Gina Gallois usually has an audiobook playing and a steaming cup of Earl Grey tea in hand. Before becoming a children’s writer, Gina was a French professor, but being an author has allowed her to indulge her creative side and continue teaching about misunderstood creatures and the writing process.

Since their two children were identified as autistic, Gina and her husband Fabien have been learning about and embracing the neurodivergent way of life – and writing about it! Based in Chamblee, Georgia, the whole family jumps at the slightest opportunity to travel somewhere new and gorge on the local pastries. 

Gina’s books include the Awesome Opossum Stories series of four books teaching basic concepts: opposites, counting, comparison, and alphabet action verbs. Children also learn all about opossums and many other nocturnal animals. The Bug Club Story series includes Cicada City and will soon welcome Moth Metamorphosis to the collection. Gina is currently working with a wonderful illustrator on her first graphic novel: Quantum Possum, a wild nocturnal adventure celebrating neurodiversity through a full cast of endearing woodland creatures, starring Opal Opossum and her sidekicks Essie Skunk and Albin Ferret. 

As a former language teacher, Gina is proud to share several of her books in French and Spanish. In her booth, Gina also represents a selection of excellent books by several of her indie author colleagues. 

10. Author, Shanti G. Krishnamurty:

Shanti Krishnamurty grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. Her formative years were spent at her local library, reading such classic fantasy as L. Frank Baum’s Oz series, as well as The Arabian Nights, and the original Grimm fairy tales. It was then that her love of all things fantastic and mythological was born.

Shanti earned her bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University in 2022. She currently lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with one very tolerant and supportive husband, two sons, and two rather pesky dogs, neither of which belong to her. When she’s not gardening, or doing something crafty, she’s writing young adult paranormal novels.

Shanti writes clean fiction – no sex, no rated ‘R’ violence, no language, with a dash of romance thrown in, but only a dash. Her novels tend to be more focused on her main characters finding their own strength and their own place of belonging.

11. Author, Vanessa Nartey writing as Honey Moore:

Books by Honey Moore

IAuthor Vanessa Nartey was born in bustling East New York (Brooklyn), New York. Her mother passed when she was five and she found herself in the slow reading section at school. Then, according this happened… “I spelled “advantageous.” This moved me from the slow to the advanced section of the classroom.  The teacher sent me home with a note to my dad.  That was nice.  But what I remember most about that day is falling in love with words.  I read and began to write them all the time.  They made me believe I could do whatever I put my mind to no matter what… That third grade day changed what I believed about my intelligence and abilities. This is why I strive to encourage children to read and believe what’s possible for them too.  And, it is why I write.

I chose the author name – Honey Moore – in honor of my Grandmother – Pearl Moore who is the sweetest woman I have ever known.”

12, Author, Andrea Armijos Martinez:

Bright Boy Changes the Girl’s World by Andrea Armijos Martinez

Andrea Armijos Martinez was born in Ecuador, on February 27, 1987. Now, she lives in Atlanta, Georgia, As per the author: “have always been independent and always trying to flourish without the help of anyone despite my health problems and the impediments. I want to demonstrate that I do not need anyone and go up by myself. My life has always been fight after fight. I have shown perseverance. My childhood and adolescence were not easy because of all my health problems. I first walked at three years old. I never rode a bicycle because  my brother, who was two years younger than me, helped me and encouraged me to get ahead. He was my support for all my childhood until his death. It was devastating. I had to become the mother of my mom so she could get through this tragedy after we came to the US.I suffered a lot of bullying at school. It was very difficult to learn a new language with the pain of loss. Time passed, and with a lot of effort, I got ahead. I was able to graduate from high school. Many did not believe in my study potential. I graduated with a volunteer medal. I began volunteering for the American Cancer Association and won the Rock of the Year Award in 2007. I continued to be a volunteer in other organizations and hospitals. This is my first children’s story. It is about my childhood experience with bullying. In 2022 decided to create the non-profit organization Bright Boy Foundation for bullying prevention. This children’s book is about a girl named Alelita who has a disability and how she suffered bullying by other children who did not understand that she could not do things they could do. With the help of Bright Boy, she teaches them that we are all the same and there are no obstacles to overcome in the life of each one and that earthly angels always come to your life to help us. Let’s learn to make friends with everyone regardless of whether they have a disability. God loves us all equally, and people with disabilities can also get ahead and go far. Disability is not an obstacle for anyone. Alelita teaches us this great lesson.”

13. Author, Julia Sanders:

Dying to Love by Julia Sanders

Julia Sanders is a lover of words and witty puns, who studied journalism at the University of Georgia. Over the years, she has written for local newspapers including the Newnan Times-Herald, the Athens Banner-Herald, and The Red & Black. She has also written radio scripts for one of Georgia Public Broadcasting’s radio shows in Atlanta, and even wrote for a commercial real estate publication. But her first love has always been creative fiction writing.

In the beginning of 2022, Julia finally decided to reach her lifelong goal of writing a book. Over the years, she has accumulated many fictional stories, but it wasn’t until she sat down to write Dying to Love that she felt ready to publish her first book. When she’s not working or writing, Julia spends her time running, reading, buying more books than she needs, and fueling her caffeine addiction at local coffee shops.

Book Description:
When a party turns into a crime scene, will you be able to find the killer — before it’s too late?

Sage Reynolds is a crime reporter in Atlanta. When she goes to a party with her best friend, Ruby, the unthinkable happens; someone ends up dead. The cause of death is deemed a drug overdose by police but, for Sage, something isn’t adding up. Soon, Sage is faced with a series of reported cases involving women being attacked while on dates — all by the same mysterious person deemed the “Serial Dater.” With her roommate Phoenix out in the dating scene, Sage starts to worry. What if Phoenix, who is dying to love, instead finds herself in the hands of a killer?

Julia Sanders’ book Dying to Love explores the world of crime reporting and what it takes to follow a case of assaults and murders. This is a must-read for anyone who enjoys strong female leads, thrilling storylines, and puzzle-solving. Uncover the clues alongside Sage as she seeks to find justice for women.

14. Author, Shetal Shah:

Shakti Girls by Shetal Shah

Shakti Girls is a children’s book of rhyming stories about thirteen inspiring women from India who demonstrate “shakti,” power of the feminine. The featured women reflect the diversity of India and its diaspora either religiously, geographically, or in the industries from which they are known. From the globally well-known producer Mindy Kaling to the lesser-known freedom fighter Kasturba Gandhi, the stories of these women are illuminated to bring inspiration to a new generation. Empowering words in Hindi are woven throughout, as well as activities at the end of the book to empower the reader’s inner shakti. A short glossary of English and Hindi words is provided on each page to enhance the reader’s experience. With beautiful illustrations of each trailblazer, Shakti Girls will leave readers feeling emboldened, enriched, and empowered to learn and do more.
Shetal Shah is a second-generation Indian-American and former educator of 14 years. She taught world history in all-girls schools where she witnessed how curriculum and literature inclusive of women from diverse backgrounds can positively impact girls’ self-esteem, identity development, and belonging. Shetal also developed and led numerous educator workshops, presenting at national conferences covering topics on pedagogy and diversity and inclusion. Shetal currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her
family. Shakti Girls is her first book.

15. Author, Vanessa Fortenberry:

Vanessa Fortenberry is an award winning inspirational author of the children’s book series, Families Growing in Faith with the books: Mama, I Want to See God, Daddy, I Want to Know God, and Grandma, Granddad, We Want to Praise God.

Providing relatable and memorable stories fulfills Vanessa’s mission of using her writing as a tool for Christian ministry that expands beyond the walls of the church and communicates inspirational messages for children and adults.  Serious about her writing journey, she holds memberships in the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), the Christian Authors Guild (CAG), Christian Authors on Tour, and the Black Writers Support Group. 

A Georgia Peach, Vanessa recently retired as a teacher librarian. A passionate singer, she enjoys worshiping in her church choir in Stone Mountain, Georgia and singing with the Wendell P. Whalum Community Chorus. In addition, Vanessa receives pleasure in baking her favorite desserts for her family and friends. To learn more about Vanessa, her writing endeavors, and to subscribe to her quarterly newsletter, please visit her website at

16. Author, Tia McCollors:

Tia McCollors is an award-winning author, speaker, and writing coach. She graduated from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) with a degree in journalism and mass communications and dreamed of one day being TV network news anchor. But upon graduation her considerable writing and speaking talents lead her in a different direction — to the public relations industry where she established a successful career and worked for a decade.

She left the corporate arena to start a family and to nurture her writing and speaking skills. Her first novel, A Heart of Devotion (Moody, 2005) was recognized as an Essence Magazine bestseller. To date, Tia has written 11 novels and one non-fiction devotion book.  Her publishing credits include work with Moody Publishers, Whitaker House, Kensington Publishing (Dafina) and Simon & Schuster. Her most recent novels include two cozy mysteries (A Cross To Bear and ‘Twas The Clue Before Christmas) in the Guidepost series, The Sweet Carolina Mysteries. She also contributed devotions to the online Sisters in Faith community and to Daily Guideposts.

Her publishing success and background in public relations has enabled Tia to become a frequent and sought after speaker at conferences and events. She is also a dedicated wife and a mother to three children.

Tia’s titles include: A Heart of Devotion, Zora’s Cry, The Truth About Love, The Last Woman Standing, Steppin’ Into The Good Life, If These Shoes Could Talk, Give Me A Reason, Friday Night Love, Sunday Morning Song, Monday Morning Joy, A Cross To Bear and ‘Twas The Clue Before Christmas.

17. Author, Bernard N. Lee, Jr.:

Bernard N. Lee, Jr. is the oldest son of a career veteran of the U.S. Army and traveled with his family throughout the U.S. and Europe in his childhood. The places, people, and stories he remembers are shared in his award-winning book series. Bernard attended Cameron College in Oklahoma and Howard University in Washington, D.C. While at Howard, he joined the Army ROTC, obtained a private pilot’s license, earned a regular army commission and subsequently retired as a Captain from the Army Reserves. After graduating from Howard, he joined AT&T in New Jersey where he worked until his retirement in 2003. Following retirement, he realized a life-long dream of teaching at Somerset Vo-Tech High School in New Jersey. Currently, he serves as a Director of the “How Big is Your Dream?! Foundation,” a teacher of “Chess for Students” at the Hills Academy in Conyers, GA, and is a frequent guest speaker on the internationally syndicated “Tribe Family Channel tm radio podcast. His book awards include a 2019 Best Book Awards Finalist award and a 2020 International Book Awards Finalist in both the Youth Nonfiction and in History: Military. Bernie is a member of the Atlanta Writers Club, the Georgia Writers Association, The Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, the African American Book Club, the Alliance of Independent Authors, the Military Writers Society of America, and the Local Post 77 of the Conyers American Legion.

18. Author, Julie Rose:

By the time she was ten years old, multi-award winning author Juliet Rose knew she wanted to be a writer. She entertained neighborhood kids with her stories after school and with the support of her mother got her first typewriter. Life had other plans and after the death of her mother when Juliet was eleven, she put those dreams on hold. Over the decades she has picked up the proverbial pen time and again, writing about her life experiences including the cancer diagnosis and subsequent passing of her four year old daughter.

Focusing on contemporary and supernatural fiction, she is driven to bring to life characters from many walks of life and the struggles faced in modern society. Her writing style is open and fluid, giving the characters the ability to shine as the truth of their own story. Her works are honest and sometimes brutally painful, but in the end her characters are given the voice which needs to be heard.

Juliet is a New York native living in the mountains of Georgia. She has lived all over the United States and Mexico and doesn’t plan to stop seeing the world beyond her front door step. She spends her time rescuing animals, painting, and writing. Her dream is to get an RV to explore hidden gems and find the best vegan restaurants.

19. Author, Laura Coy

Laura Coy is the owner of Enchanted Moon Press LLC. She lives in Dacula, GA with her husband, two teenagers, and two Labrador Retrievers. She is a writer, educator, and book lover. Laura recently published her first book, The Universal Connector: What Chase Sees in Space. It’s the first in her MG Sci-Fi series, with the second book becoming available in November of 2023. She has two picture books coming out by April and a YA Novel debuting in June. 

With degrees in education and psychology, Laura has spent the last twenty-three years educating preschool and elementary age students.  In addtion to teaching, Laura has written for The Examiner as the Family and Parenting editor. She also has a memoir published in Tales2Inspire, The Moonstone Collection, created by Lois W. Stern. 

Although Laura’s favorite job is being a wife and mom to her teenage son and daughter, she loves teaching children and creative writing. Laura has been known to quote Toni Morrison to her students. “If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it.”  Well, she took that advice to heart and now enjoys reading her own books to her students.

Please visit to learn more about Laura’s books and follow her on Instagram @enchanted_moon_press

20. Author Paul Schwartz:

Why Didn’t The Chicken Cross the Road

Atlanta Author Puts A Spin on Classic Riddle in Comedic and Heartwarming Story

Mascot Books announces the release of Why Didn’t the Chicken Cross the Road?, written and illustrated by Paul Schwartz. We all know why the chicken crosses the road, but what happens when it doesn’t? What happens when a chicken has FOMO (the fear of missing out) from his friends but also the fear of crossing to meet them? What happens when a chicken… is a chicken? 

 Chicken only wants one thing: to cross the road. His friends on the other side eat popsicles for lunch, play Duck Duck Goose and invite him to join the fun. But Chicken’s fears hold him back, fears that are magnified by his parents, who screech and cluck their warnings about the hazards of crossing. Will Chicken overcome his fears? In the end, his pluck and ingenuity take the story to a smart and satisfying free-range conclusion.

Author Paul Schwartz is an environmental lawyer, folk artist, guitar player and songwriter who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his family. He was a member of the relatively unknown rock bands Big Fish Ensemble and Lord High Admirals, and takes care of backyard chickens. This is his first children’s book. 

21. Author Henry J. Wise, MAI, CBA, BVAL:

It’s Only an Opinion

Henry J. “Hank” Wise is a commercial real estate appraiser and a business appraiser whose practice involves a substantial amount of work as an expert witness.   He has been accepted as an Expert Witness by the Federal Bankruptcy Court; the U.S. Department of Justice; the Internal Revenue Service; the Farmers Home Administration; and Federal, Superior, State and Probate Courts in Georgia, Texas, Indiana and Massachusetts.  

As a real estate appraiser he has appraised a number of unusual properties; including mines, tourist caves, utility systems, breweries, universities, a ski facility, the fourth largest island of the U. S. Virgin Islands, resorts, marinas and, in a case that went to the U.S. Supreme Court, one-foot on all of the power poles in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Florida.   As a business appraiser he has appraised privately held companies, minority shareholder positions, fractional interests, stock options and limited partnerships.  He holds a BA from Hiram College, a MA from Emory University, a MS in Economics and Graduate Certificate in Real Estate from Georgia State University.  Over the years he has served as a member of the faculties of the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, West Georgia College and Georgia State University.  He has been published by The Appraisal Institute, The Institute of Business Appraisers, the GSU Press and the Georgia Institute for Continuing Legal Education. 

His book, It’s Only An Opinion, An Appraiser In Court, was released June 4, 2019 by Old Stone Press, and was recognized as a Distinguished Favorite by the Independent Press Awards in the General Business Category.

22. Author Monica Seeley:

The Reading War by Monica Seeley

Author Monica Seeley is a speaker, children’s book author, Youth Literacy advocate, entrepreneur, and professional educator. She believes in the power of storytelling and using creativity to motivate, inspire, and educate students.
Monica has 28 years of experience in education with a background in Special Education and working with at-promise students in the alternative setting. Currently, she is a Special Education teacher and the Peer Facilitation Coordinator at Heritage High School in Rockdale County. She is certified in Special Education and School Counseling.
Monica is the executive director of her nonprofit ReadingSOS Global. She will be launching her online bookstore ReadingSOS, a wonderland of books, in April. Her mission is to cultivate and enhance the lives of children through literacy.

23. Author Juanita N. Woodson:

Author Juanita N. Woodson

Juanita N. Woodson is a mom, wife, author, coach and publisher. She learned to walk confidently in her purpose and passion by serving others as a writing and author coach, mentor and the owner of Grace 4 Purpose Publishing Co. LLC.

Juanita developed a love for writing at a young age, whether it was through journaling, writing poetry or just writing short stories, there was always a feeling of freedom whenever the pen was in her hand touching paper. She took that love for writing and wrote and self-published three books that empower others to take accountability, step out of their comfort zone and to heal. Her first book, ‘Don’t Go That Way: Protect Your Purpose’ was published in 2017 and motivated her to continue writing. She released her second book, ‘Put it Down: Gentle Reminders for Healing’ and her third book, ‘My Comfort Zone is Broken’ in 2021.

In 2021 she took a leap of faith and stepped out of her own comfort zone to open her own publishing and consulting company, Grace 4 Purpose, Publishing Co. LLC. Juanita has since helped over a dozen authors and counting to write and publish their books. She has also worked with  others to collaborate in three different book projects. Women of Destiny: The Path to Greatness, Words of Wisdom for the Heart and Soul, and most recently she was the visionary of the collaborative project, ‘Moments for Moms: Give Yourself a Minute’.

She wrote and published her first children’s book, ‘Bug Writes a Book’ in 2022. Juanita’s book encourages young readers to get creative and write and publish their own unique stories.

You can connect with Juanita and learn more about her books, coaching and publishing company on social media:

24. Author Denise McGee:

Murder in Roseville by Author Denise McGee

Born in a small town in Northeast Ohio, Denise McGee had an idyllic childhood spent romping in the woods behind her home and tramping the fields on her grandfather’s farm. When not outside, she could be found with her nose firmly planted in a book. A voracious reader, Denise devoured mysteries, fantasy, and paranormal stories in equal amounts. This is probably why she writes such delightful paranormal mysteries.

Denise currently makes her home on the outskirts of Atlanta with her husband, 3 children, 1 grandson, and a wide assortment of dogs and cats. When not writing, she can be found on Facebook or with her face once again buried in a book.

25. Author Asia Rainey-Ani:

Asia Rainey-Ani is a multidisciplinary artist and writer with a resume spanning spoken word poetry, music, theatre, visual arts, and film. As a native New Orleanian, her work reflects the vivid vernacular, southern rhythm, and spirited culture of her birthplace. Known for writing with intense imagery and lyrical storytelling, Ms. Rainey has been welcomed as a dynamic performer at numerous events, festivals, and educational institutions. Her work in the arts, education, and activism has received national and international acclaim, from being named a 2017 Literary Arts Fellow for the State of Mississippi to serving as a U.S. arts delegate overseas. As an educator, she has authored curricula for creative writing, facilitating workshops for arts professionals, academic teachers, and audiences spanning generations. Asia also owns a publishing company called Nine Page Media, which is soon partnering with a larger publishing company called Chin Music Press (Seattle, Japan). That company also happens to be the publisher for her children’s book, titled Oshun’s Book of Mirrors. She has published other books as well that she will be selling at the festival.

26. Author Patricia Cruzan

Author Patricia Cruzan writes about her life and travels in poetry and verse. She also writes across genres and will be selling chapter books about pets, middle grade books about junior detectives solving mysteries in the United States and Great Britain, and currently is pending publication on a picture book with a New York publisher.

27. Author Victoria Attmore:

Victoria Attmore spent her childhood in New York making up songs and stories inside her head. She traded in her east cost roots and is now a Georgia peach. Now she writes her stories down on paper. The Chocolate Forest is the first book in a planned series of delightful stories about dream angels.

The Chocolate Forest is a whimsical tale that invites its readers to a place of hope and promise. The author’s imaginative sense of joy and wonder pulls the reader into a world of wondrous miracles. Every reader wants to become a part of the Forest itself. All are welcome to step into the pages and climb aboard the chocolate rainbow. Your child will then begin to fill the warmth and anointing powers as the Chocolate Forest Angels minister to their heart and soul. 

The Flight Of The Butterfly, the sequel to The Chocolate Forest! Lady Butterfly returns in this whimsical tale to help the Star Babies reunite with their friend Snow Cherokee; and helps her rediscover the gifts God has blessed her with.

Now your child can color their favorite characters and scenes from Victoria Attmore’s Flight Of The Butterfly. The coloring book includes an original story written in English, Spanish, and Ashanti from the kingdom of Twi in Ghana. 

The Chocolate Forest coloring book is also available in English and Spanish. Your child can color his/her favorite character. The Chocolate Forest and The Flight Of The Butterfly are now both available in Ebook!

28. Author Nicole Marshall: Website: _Amazon:

Nicole Marshall has written and published two children’s books that focus on important topics such as self-love and a positive self-image. Her third book, The Tales of Toby and Milo, is currently being illustrated and hopefully will be released later this year. Her children books aim to impart important values and lessons for young children. Both of her books are five star rated and have been a # best seller on Amazon, are great for SEL and can help shape a child’s emotional development. Little Nikki Her Journey to Self-Love, her first book is biographical and centers around bully she experienced in school. In it, Little Nikki builds back her confidence using positive affirmations. Nicole believes introducing kids to useful tools like affirmations is very important to help their emotional development. Ebony and Her Crown, Nicole’s second book, is a motivational story that inspire kids to love the skin their in. The book is ultimately about hair love and embracing your natural hair and wearing it with pride. This was an important topic not only for brown and black kids to see but for all children so that have a greater understanding of different cultures and their experiences. The book is filled with positive imagery like a beauty salon showing different natural hairstyles which helps to normalize the stigma around Afrocentric hair.

29. Author Colleen Baxter:

 Collen Baxter is an author with two different pen names and book genres. As “Grace Colline,” she writes historical romances and several of her titles are set in the Regency period of England. As “C.N. Hill,” she writes paranormal mystery featuring a South Georgia medium who helps solve murders. On the personal side, Colleen lives in Stockbridge, Georgia with two of her five children and way too many dogs. When she is not grading papers for her online Biology classes or cooking, she is writing something inspired by Jane Austen. For inspiration, she sits at her spinning wheel turning fiber into yarn until the story is ready to be told. 

30. Author Jennifer Miller: Website:

Author Jennifer Miller

Author Jennifer Miller-Joseph is a wife, mother of 2, pastry chef, and author. She is the creator of JMJ Inspires, a brand dedicated to uplifting and inspiring people from all walks of life. She writes stories that encourage kids (and the young at heart) to feel confident, loved, and important. Her 3 children’s books are entitled, “I Can”, “Girls Aren’t Made of Cotton Candy”, and “Grandpa’s Love Never Changes”. “I Can”: Tells the story of a young girl and the fears and challenges she faces while learning new things. Pulling from her grandma’s words of encouragement, she ultimately conquers her fears. “Girls Aren’t Made of Cotton Candy”: Centered on the theme of girl power, this book explores the limitless abilities and talents of girls. “Grandpa’s Love Never Changes”: This book aims to offer children understanding and hope in light of any physical or mental changes someone they love is experiencing, especially as it relates to aging.

31. Author Tiffany Robinson and LaPeche Books:

At LaPeche Books, our mission is to equip children for life-long success through literacy and a love of reading. We are passionate about building a community of fluent readers. We do this by focusing on literacy and youth programming in schools and community organizations. Our company reinforces positive social norms and dignity. We challenge negative stereotypes by publishing high-quality books that portray positive, diverse, and inclusive characters.

LaPeche Books founder Tiffany Robinson served 27 years in the US Air Force before retiring in 2019. Her books have been shared with thousands of youth in programs, libraries, and public school systems throughout the country.

We are proud to partners with several local and national youth-serving organizations including National Cares Mentoring Program, the Louisville Urban League, and the Alaina Coates FAAM Foundation.

Our company has published six books and two coloring workbooks, for children in 3-4th grade and younger, including popular titles Zoe’s Sidewalk, Zoe’s Garden, A Tiny Baby Brother, and Rat Race: Journey of Hope in partnership with Trensek.

Tiffany has three adult children and two dogs. She enjoys spending time traveling, exploring the outdoors, new restaurants, and cooking with her loved ones. Social Media and Marketing Manager Tia Hicks lives in New York City and is an avid traveler, foodie, and yoga enthusiast. Our company was founded in 2013 and is based in Atlanta, GA

She’ll be at this year’s festival selling signed copies of her books along with wristbands and fidget spinners.

32. Author Sharon K. Bennett:

Sharon Bennett, a native San Antonian, who’s lived in the Atlanta metro area for the past several years. She’s the proud daughter of Rev. Dr. L.E. and Essie Bennett. Earning a B.A. from Sam Houston State University and B.S.N. degree in Nursing, both in Texas. Sharon has completed numerous additional curriculums/trainings in psychology, teen and adult development, bullying, domestic violence, sex trafficking, life coaching, and more.

Throughout her career, she’s served as a Case Manager for Blue Cross Blue Shield, ICU Cardiac and Stroke RN Charge at St. Luke’s and Emory University Hospital and was a Hospital Patient Senior Logistics Administrator for several years. Sharon finally, retired after forty-three years of service to happily indulges in her grandchildren, art, student mentorship, participating in social justice protests, church, finishing her father’s biography, and binging on T.V.

Sharon had interviewed with numerous radio shows and social outlets for her Shoe Fetish novellas; as well as, published articles that appeared in over fifteen varied business magazines and periodicals. Over the years, she’s won a 2001 Editor’s Choice award from the Library of Congress in poetry, Hardcore Writer’s Award, with positive reviews from the African American Book Club, Secret Place Book Club for two years as their favorite author for 2-years, and Reader’s Favorite Online Book club giving Five Stars for her writing with multiple book signings inclusive of Barnes&Noble. Her progression in writing gleaned the publishing of three poems, one published in Theatre of the Mind by Noble House.

33. Author Marie E. Lindo:

Marie E. Lindo penned her first novel Chasing Love and Sunshine as an ode to her love of writing, literature, and a good storyline. Her passion for writing began at an early age. As a young girl she was an avid reader and she stuck with her passion for reading throughout her life, which fed her talent for writing and led to her debut into the world of authors. She’s thrilled to finally join this esteemed group and put all my passion and love for writing into her first novel.

Chasing Love and Sunshine is a combination of her imagination, observation of people, and her life experiences. Marie borrowed from her experience in corporate America and everyday experience of the average woman making her way through life, to build out her novel on the trials and triumphs for women in love and life.

Marie is already working on my second novel, a follow up to the first, expected in 2023 to be an exciting parallel story to Chasing Love and Sunshine. When she’s not busy writing her next novel, she is a full-time working mom and wife who enjoys entertaining at home, movies, eating out, and spending time with her family.

34. Author Pamela Olivia:

Author Pamela Olivia, an Author/Singer/Songwriter/Voice Actor, is a former Island Recording Artist with the group, Vybe. In her children’s book, she puts all her talents to use so that “NANA & ME:  The Visit”  is an  EXPERIENCE (which includes a voice over and original lullaby written & performed by the author!)

Nana & Me: The Visit beautifully illustrated by the talented Ashley Robinson, is an expression of love and family written as a tool to create special, magical moments between you and your young person that will lead to unforgettably cherished memories for generations.Follow along as the Determined Toddler (“DT”)  makes his/her way to his/her Nana past distractions and hindrances (fake banana, big red ball and Pop Pop’s shoe) til the journey is complete and the prize is obtained! This victory is rewarded with a prize (cookie & sippy cup of milk), love, kisses and a lullaby.  The lullaby takes DT to the land of lala and lulls DT to a peaceful sleep

35. Author Yvette Manns:

As an author and literacy consultant, Yvette Manns has dedicated more than a decade to improving educational practices in the state of Georgia. Yvette is a children’s book author, penning the popular books, HBCU Proud, Cityrella, Skylar’s Skate Challenge and more forthcoming titles.

Yvette also serves as a conference facilitator with the National Council of Teachers of English, where she presents on the importance of authentic representation in children’s literature.

Through the years, Yvette has collaborated with hundreds of teachers, administrators, and school district leaders across the state of Georgia through direct coaching, professional development sessions and creating video resources for training.

36. Author Denise Walker:

37. Author Rabeshia Byrd:

Rabeshia and Howard Clay are the authors of “The Extraordinary Journey of James and Rabeshia”.  My husband and I, who are both filmmakers, wrote this children’s book in the hopes of sharing with black and brown children the steps in making a movie. “The Extraordinary Journey of James and Rabeshia, Let’s Make A Movie,” is the 1st installment in a series following two dreamers, who decide to make a movie while at school. The two characters, who are created from the likeness of the authors, organize the steps it will take in the first book and set a plan with their two other friends to set their goal in motion. At the end of the 5th installment the two main characters will premiere their movie at the school for the community to see. 

This series is the perfect gift for the young person in your life, who dreams big but doesn’t know where to start. Your child will not be able to get enough of this page turning book that makes the magic of movies accessible to all the beautiful children of all colors all over the world!!

About us: We are the owners of Howard Clay Films, a production company that highlights the talents of Black and Brown actors and production crew. We recently released our first film, Mile 19, and have several upcoming projects.

The book is currently on consignment at The Book Cellar and Truth and Treasures Bookstore.

38. Author & Merchant, Susan H Hines of TJP Publications:

Susan H Hines has been writing children’s books for many years, developing basic language, communication, and writing skills. She created TJP Publications to offer self-authored books for children that surround early learning stages. From learning the names and sounds of letters to practicing writing genres, each book helps children learn and grow. Susan is committed to offering children the best learning resources that open the door to knowledge, adventure, and fun. With countless learning activities, you can support your child’s education at home, in daycares, or nurseries.

39. Author Krystal Grant:


 Krystal Grant is an author who uses her southern roots as inspiration for her writing. Her books are dazzling novels about women who use their strength and perseverance to overcome tragedies. Krystal’s writing isn’t limited to adult fiction. She has published two children’s books over the years. The Poppy series is a fantastic tale about a little girl who is learning about the big, wide world.  Krystal’s latest work, One Thousand Yellow Butterflies, is her first volume of poetry which is dedicated to her departed mother.  Krystal maintains an active presence on social media and enjoys connecting with aspiring authors to give timely advice on the process of writing and the publishing industry.

    She holds degrees from The University of South Carolina (B.A. English), Georgia State University (M.Ed., Educational Leadership), and Mercer University (M.A.T., Educational Leadership). Krystal is a proud Carolina girl currently living in the Atlanta area with her husband, affectionately called Mr. Incredible, and their three rock-star children.

40. Author Skye Oduaran:

12-year-old Skye Oduaran, is a 6th grader who wrote the mystery novel, ‘The Mystery of the Tunnels.’ She enjoys reading, writing, running, and playing the flute. At age 11, Skye was one of only 29 kids worldwide to be selected as a kid journalist for Scholastic Kids Press. She has covered numerous political events at the state and national levels. Skye covered the Georgia gubernatorial and senate elections, meeting prominent figures, including President Barack Obama. She has interviewed Governor Brian Kemp, Senator Raphael Warnock, former United Nations ambassador Andrew Young, and State Rep. Stacey Abrams, among many others. In the fall of 2022, Skye covered President Biden’s Pardoning of the Thanksgiving Turkeys, Chocolate & Chip, from the White House. She has recently interviewed actresses America Ferrera, Tessa Thompson, and Poet Laurette Ada Limón.

41. Author Melony Brown:

Author Melony Brown Books & Merchandise!

Melony Brown is a native Georgian and currently resides in Smyrna, Ga. Music playing loudly while driving through the North Georgia mountains with the Jeep top off make for a perfect day, especially when her husband, Jeff, and labradoodle, Willow, join her.

Before becoming an author, Melony taught students who struggled in both public and private schools. Currently, she works as a private academic tutor.

Melony is also an award-winning author, speaker, and host of the Challenges Won’t Stop Me podcast. Her debut Christian living book, Challenges Won’t Stop Me: An Interactive Survival Guide for Overcoming & Thriving, is a Finalist in the 2023 Best Book Awards and a Finalist in the 2023 Selah Awards.

The lessons Melony’s learned over the course of decades of fighting to overcome neurological challenges combined with snippets of some of the overcomers she’s interviewed on her podcast create the eight-mile journey in her book. This interactive book invites the reader to create a survival guide by equipping and empowering her to use the essential gear she’ll need to fight to overcome any challenge that dares to intersect her path.

Challenges are part of life. Are you prepared to fight to overcome those that intersect your path?

42. Author Holland Jordan:

Holland Jordan is an award-winning children’s book author, literacy advocate, mental health clinician and licensed master social worker (LMSW) who was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army at the rank of Staff Sergeant. She has also been employed as an HIV case manager,

school social worker and pre-school teacher. Holland recently retired from her position as a medical social worker for one of the largest healthcare systems in the United States to pursue her love of writing. Holland graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and holds degrees in early childhood development, behavioral science, sociology and a masters in social work. She is a mother, grandmother and mentor to many in her community. Magnificent Mocha Monty is her first children’s book, inspired by her oldest grandson, Monty. Holland divides her time between California and Georgia where her grandchildren live.

Contact the Author for a Reading – Holland loves school visits, author readings at libraries, summer programs and other organized events. Her visit will include reading her book Magnificent Mocha Monty book and spending time answering questions children may have. She will finish the visit with a book signing and will be available to take pictures. It is Holland’s goal to re-assure all children they are unique, magnificent and amazing, and to encourage all children to celebrate who they are. Fees for book readings and/or speaking engagements vary depending on the event. Please contact the author at for more information.

43. Author Kanisha Graham,

Kanisha Graham is the author of 25 Prayers That Changed My Life. She is a Registered Cardiovascular Sonographer; it was through her passion that she discovered her purpose. She is also a speaker, mentor, and certified life coach. As an adult she faced many challenges and often times she wondered how she was going to make it. So she started journaling about the things that was concerning her. One day she was in need of some encouragement so she opened her journal to look back over the things she had written previously. It was at that moment that she realized she had been praying to God and she could see how He was answering her prayers. Kanisha believes if it wasn’t for prayer she wouldn’t have a story to share.

25 Prayers That Changed My Life was designed to help others to pray about all things concerning their life. It’s a reminder that there’s nothing to hard for God to handle. That even on our worst days God is waiting to love on us. After every prayer in this book there is a section where you can journal and cast all of your concerns to God. Kanisha believes that she is the woman that she is today all because of time spent with God. It is her hope that at least one prayer will be a blessing to you. Take a moment and pray about it. Remember God is waiting to hear from you also.

44. Author Chan Blue:

Books & Merchandise by Chan Blue

Greetings All!

My name is Chan Blue and I am the author, creator, and visionary of Mac and Roni Read. Mac and Roni Read are short books for early readers Pre-K to 3rd grade that come to life with Mac and his twin Sister Roni. Affectionately named after my favorite food MacaRoni and cheese; the name is phonological which connects to early readers.

DATA: 80% of children’s books are animals or some non-human Mac and his twin sister Roni bring human diversity to the children’s book platform. Please go to and the green CLICK TO LISTEN button on the home page will play the Mac and Roni Read theme song so the kiddos can bop-til-they-drop! Mac and Roni Read books can be found in the Coweta, Dekalb, Douglas, Gwinnett, Nassau County and Montgomery County-City Public Libraries.

. 45. Author Saadai Walker:

My name is Saadai Walker, and I am a Georgia native born and raised in Decatur GA. My journey with Sarai Stories started in 2017. It was Albany State University’s Homecoming and my husband’s fraternity was performing in a step show. I was very nervous because this was the first full weekend my daughter, Sarai, would spend with her grandmother. My mother in law knew how nervous I was, so she sent me photos throughout the weekend of their adventures around Atlanta.

Mother’s Day 2018, I decided to surprise Sarai’s grandmothers with my first book, My Weekend with Grandma. I wrote the story and my husband, Abdul, illustrated. Our friends and family were so impressed with the quality and the message of the story that I decided to make this a brand and business.

What sets me apart from other children’s book authors is the fact that all of my stories are family influenced. This brand was created to shine a positive light on the black community and our families.  This is our world, me and my #SunflowerSarai. I lost my mom when I was six years old and it is a huge factor into the way I am as a mother. I created Sarai Stories for Sarai to always know that she is special and can do great things in this world. Sarai Stories is a place where our real life becomes animated, and who knows animation more than The Walkers. All proceeds raised go towards Sarai’s college and future fund!

46. Author Lynette Baco-NGuyen:

Author Lynette Bacon-Nguyen writes Young Adult Fantasy books. She loves creating new worlds, examining different story elements, and creating characters a bit different than your average fantasy heroes. Her favorite movie is Spirited Away, and her favorite drama is the Good Place, her favorite book is Going Postal by Terry Pratchett, and her favorite author Drew Hayes.

The things Lynette seeks to create are stories she wants to tell from angles, crooks and turns not usually examined. She is what someone calls neurodivergent or neuroatypical, so she tries to capture that in an interesting way. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the work she produces at the, where she’ll sell and sign her books, art prints, stickers and other merch!

47. Author Kim Zachman:

“Why is there no ham in hamburgers? How did we make ice cream before we could make ice? Where did hot dogs get their name? From the origins of pizza to the invention of chicken fingers There’s No Ham in Hamburgers: Facts and Folklore About Our Favorite Foods has all the ingredients for a fun, fascinating read about the origins of our favorite foods. In addition to history, the book is also packed with scientific side bars, experiments, and recipes. Although this nonfiction book is intended for children ages 8-12, adults enjoy learning about the tidbits of food trivia just as much as the kids do. A Junior Library Guild Gold selection for 2021 and the Georgia Center for the Book’s choice for “Books All Young Georgians Should Read” in 2022.”

48. Author Tamara Anderson:

Tamara Anderson is a Speech Language Pathologist, reading specialist and the founder of Anderson Multicultural Books. :

The mission of Anderson Multicultural Books is for children and families around the world to develop a love for literacy and an appreciation for individuals from diverse cultures. Communities are enriched by preserving, embracing, and encouraging cultural diversity. It is the co-existence of diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious groups within a society. Anderson Multicultural Books also supports and honors linguistic diversity. Many individuals around the world are bilingual and multilingual. In the United States, most families also have ancestral roots from Africa, Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia, and or Central America. We are different yet similar in many ways. The books that are promoted by Anderson Multicultural Books will reflect diversity from the nations around the world. If you have a manuscript that you would like reviewed or questions regarding the publishing process, please contact the company for consultative services. Success tips are available to begin the publishing process or discuss multicultural
children’s literature conceptual ideas. Contact Tamara Anderson, author, speech
language pathologist, education specialist, and Chief Executive Officer of Anderson
Multicultural Books LLC.
Yikes, I Saw a Barracuda! is the debut book of the author, Tamara Anderson. Here’s a
synopsis of the book. Summer is coming and the Edwards family can’t wait for their trip.
Alexandra and her big brother Samuel are beyond excited because they are going
somewhere that they haven’t been before. This trip is not an ordinary beach vacation.
Different country. New adventure. They begin their trek to the dock. Snorkel, check.
Fins, check. Life vest, check. Underwater sights await them. What will they encounter?

49. Author Jessica H. Writing as Aziza Sphinx and Ana’Gia Wright and Penned in Ink, LLC:

Aziza Sphinx, also writing under the pseudonym Ami’Gia Wright, is a firm believer that reading and writing go hand and hand. A southerner through and through she loves her peaches and pecans while curling up with a good book. A master of resourcefulness her love of research leads her down paths of discovery that touch every aspect of her writing. Her love ofreading ignited her passion for writing leading her to frequently fill page after page with tales of her beloved characters’ adventures. An influence and an adversary she loves to sprinkle facts about her beloved Georgia throughout her fictional worlds.

A techie by trade and writer by necessity, Aziza has had the privilege of having her creative works published in literary journals, print and e-magazines, and anthologies. As a hybrid author, she has words published by traditional publishers, small presses, and through her own publishing company Penned in Blue, LLC. Aziza has served as a presenter at multiple conventions including the UBAWA Book Fair, Multiverse, and SORMAG Book Festival. She has also conducted workshops for The Linguistique Mystique Language Services (TLM Co.) and the Atlanta African American Book Festival.

50. Julius JE Thompson:

Award Winning Author Julius JE Thompson grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York and attended Bushwick High School. The sixties in Brooklyn was an era that had a personality, a feel, and a life-force that changed a generation. Mr. Thompson felt this energy and experienced these fires of social change.

52. Author AJ Write/Author Mai B: /

A.J. Write was born and raised in Baltimore, MD but now resides in Georgia with her husband and 2​ daughters. She is 31 years old. A.J. attended Jacksonville State University where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. She grew up loving Criminal Justice but in the back of her mind she always had a knack for writing. A.J. used to write poetry and picked up her first urban fiction book in the 7th grade. It was at that moment when she fell in love with the genre. Ever since then she had wanted to write a book but felt it wasn’t the right time. It wasn’t until late 2015 when she was pregnant with her first daughter that she finally decided to give it a try. She wrote what is now known as, A B-more Love, and sent it off to a few publishers when she decided to sign with Lucinda John and her company Lucinda John Presents. She released her debut book in November 2015. A.J. currently has 48 titles under belt with many more books to come. In 2017, A.J. was inspired by her mother to start writing children’s books. Under the pen name Mai B., she’s published 4 books so far with a lot more in store. A.J. has now added coloring books to her resume with more in the works.  She is always working on something. With many ideas in mind, A.J. will keep you and your children entertained.

53. Author RS Raniere:

Author R.S. Raniere will be sharing her book, Shades of Darkness at the Conyers Book Festival. The book is a suspense thriller that tells the story of P.J. Hollinger, a young woman with a dark past: In 1993, a 15 year old girl is viciously murdered and the child she has just delivered is taken. The book picks up with the life of this child as a rising broadcast journalist on a quest to find her biological parents while investigating the alleged misdeeds of a prominent member of the Roman Curia. As she pursues her dogged probe into the esteemed cardinal, Hollinger is led into a labyrinth of deception, family secrets, and a deadly revenge plot that puts both her career and her life on the line.

54. Author Dr. Shanah K. Grant of Sharpie Sessions:

Dr. Shanah K. Grant help students overcome their fear of Math by changing the way they think about and approach math. She is the founder of Sharpe Sessions LLC, and creator of the “A Toolkit for Raising Wealthy Kidz” book, the Math SAT Prep Workbook and the “Let’s Talk Numbers” series -English and Spanish Translations. She is a mathematics professor who takes joy in connecting math to real-life for students in a fun way! As such, her books have practical life application and math activities to get students excited about math. Using the knowledge that she gained from going on to earn a master’s and Ph.D. in Mathematics, she helps students avoid debt and master the math SAT in her Math SAT Prep Workbook. Additionally, she is fueled by her research on how the wealthy acquire their riches, keep and transfer that wealth to their generations. In her book, A Toolkit for Raising Wealthy Kidz, she outlines resources for parents to use to build wealth and transfer that wealth to their kids and future generations. This book is also full of activities for parent to do with their kids to help build their child’s financial literacy. A Toolkit for Raising Wealthy Kidz also has activities aligned with the math standards in the 3rd – 12th grade classroom.

55. Author/Artist, Heidi Clinite:

Heidi Clinite, weirdo extraordinaire, has many talents & endless creative ideas. She makes imaginative works of art in acrylic on canvas & walls, wood-burned crafts & fine art, mixed media dream catchers & more.

You can find Heidi hustling around town developing art happenings, painting murals, participating in many community events & craft fairs, working on commissions, creating & displaying art at local businesses. She teaches art at The Creative Alternative. Her checkered past includes apprenticing with a blacksmith & at a gold leaf atelier, studying figure drawing at The Art Students’ League of New York, building sets for Mercer Theatre and Form & Space of NYC, & working as a touch-up artist for Backdrops Fantastic, among other odd jobs.

Heidi’s also put out a picture book! Sassy Susie Sasquatch Sets Sail is a unique adventure book. Silly Li’l Susie bravely faces obstacles in the wild, strengthening her ingenuity and self-reliance, risking her life for what’s most important to her.

56. Author Tracie T. Harden, M.A.Ed: Visit Tracie here or follow her on instagram @tld2103. 

Tracie Harden is a native of Swainsboro, GA and current resident of Conyers, GA.  Tracie, is a mother of three sons and a full-time High School Library Media Specialist. She graduated from Paine College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, from the University of Phoenix with a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction and from Georgia College and State University with a Master of Arts in Library Media and is currently pursuing her Ed.S in Library Media at the University of West Georgia.

Tracie’s creativity, diverse cultural experiences,being a mom of boys, and working as a parent educator has bridged the path to her writing children’s books. The first in her series is entitled, “Jayden, tie your shoes.” In this series, children will learn how to keep trying even when things may get in their way and parents will learn that it is ok to take the less stressful route and resume the task when ready.  Her second book is “Jaxen Stay Calm”, this book teaches children (and parents) how to manage their emotions when things are not going their way, by practicing the “Jaxen 5” breathing method. It is a fun read. Her third book will be released Summer 2023. 

57. Author Carrie Doyle Jones:

Too often, when overwhelmed by disappointments, adversities, failures, ridicule, or opposition, people collapse in an emotional heap confessing the negative words, “I can’t!” This book will challenge you to instead announce, “I can!”
Author, Carrie Doyle Jones, shares her own personal struggle with deafness and Central Auditory Disorder, but most importantly, her transformational decision to rise above her challenges and be the best possible version of herself. Instead of saying, “I can’t!” she often confessed, “I can!” and boldly proceeded to overcome her obstacles, one-by-one. Yes, she dared to believe that “With God all things are possible!” (Mark 10:27).
So, why write a book about these things? Because Life Lessons are meant to be shared. The way one person overcomes can awaken in another the same kind of tenacity, determination, and faith that are keys to winning. Get ready for your breakthrough!
Carrie Doyle Jones and her husband, Dr. Shawn R. Jones, reside in southeast Tennessee. Carrie has a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Marketing and is a successful entrepreneur who owns Southern Charm, “a unique boutique” with four locations and growing. Carrie has a big heart that allows her to see untapped potential and the good in everyone she meets. She loves God and enjoys serving Him and helping others feel fulfilled and happy in life.


1. Artist, Skylar Jerome:

Artist, Skylar Jerome is a Conyers, Georgia native who graduated from East Georgia State College with an Associates Degree in Art. Skylar was honored to be a featured artists in the college’s Wiregrass Book 2021 which is the school’s art book. Skylar recently was notified that a piece of their art will be displayed in the High Museum in Atlanta and fabricated into a Pinata’ for the museums Exhibit HAPPY JOYLANTA. The exhibit will be on display from May 2023 till November 2023.

2. Bourbon Tourist: Unique Gifts for Lovers of Bourbon and Books!

Bourbon Tourist is a store featuring unique gifts for Bourbon Lovers and also anyone who loves books. Check them out online and also at the Conyers Book Festival where they will have a selection of book themed totes, prints, mugs, coasters, and bookmarks for those who partake and those who don’t.

3. The Sketching Pad: Store Link:

Vendor Bio:  Your artistic dreams are about to come true through art programs and art kits, designed just for you! Here at The Sketching Pad we know that many people want to be artistic but are unsure of where to start. With so many factors to consider, they get overwhelmed and give up on their dream. When someone is given the right tools, techniques, and encouragement, they are no longer confused but excited to have their dreams become a reality. We offer a diverse range of programs and kits because when people do something creative and new, it gives them confidence and joy.

Drop into the studio at 924 Center Street in Olde Town Conyers and paint pottery or canvases, or join a program to learn more advanced artistic skills. Order art kits online to gain artistic skills from home at

4. Janice Taylor: Find Taylored Creations at: and

Taylored Creations specializes in creating customized, personalized items for all occastions: plaques, mugs, coasters, mousepads, magnets, shirts and more. Have an anniversary, baby or bridal shower, Father’s Day, graduation, house warming, memorial, Mother’s Day, retirement party, Valentines Day, Wedding or other holiday or event coming up? Check us out!

5. Lily & Sparrow Mercantile, LLC

Hello there! We at Lily & Sparrow Mercantile are a faith-family owned company. We value a fun atmosphere, honest foods, and creative expression above all else. Located in beautiful downtown Covington. Ga we are a Georgia Grown approved coffee roaster & specialty food store. We take pride in bringing ethically sourced, locally grown, and artisan crafted products to our guests in-store and online. Whether you just want to pop-in for a traditional coffee drink at our espresso bar, need fresh local produce for your newest recipe, or want to grab a gift for your best friend’s wedding we have you covered! It is also our joy to partner with local organizations to host festivals & fairs on our green space lawn. stay tuned @lilysparrowco on Instagram for all the updates & events. Cheers! —
Blessings & Increase, Noelle D. Cosby, Owner, Curator, Creator– Lily & Sparrow Mercantile, LLC

6. Kids Afrikana, Etsy Store:

An Etsy Store Specializing in African Kid Clothes, Doll Clothes & Accessories

7. Vendor Melodious Paws, Deborah Smith:

Dog Boarding in Covington: Deborah loves dogs and crafts. She makes homemade candles, tealights, bath-bombs and body scrubs, AND has a dog boarding business in Covington, Georgia. Of course, she also makes homemade dog treats!! Melodious Paws is a reliable dog boarding service where you can drop your pets off and enjoy your holiday or business trip knowing that they are in very safe hands. I will treat your pets as if they were my own, spending quality time with them, as well as seeing to their everyday needs.

8. Honeybee Botanicals: http://honeybeebotanicalsandthings

Honeybee Botanicals and Things offers natural products produced with honey butter and designed with appeal. Our soaps are designed to pamper the skin and are prepared with sea moss, goat’s milk, and of course, honey!

9. Mida Apparel by Manny Arraiz:

Imagine a world where you can be proud of the things you love and there is no shame in the books you read, the body you have or the challenges you face with your mental health.

My name is Manny, cat mom, wife and creator of Mida. 

For years, finding adorable AND comfortable clothes seemed impossible, specially when stores are flooded with the same colors, trends and themes. So after many failed shopping trips to the mall, I decided to create my own designs, about my favorite books, hobbies and that were that item in your closet that I never wanted to take off.

Mida’s products are made to be your favorite tshirt, that coffee cup that you want to take everywhere, that perfect gift for your best friend that loves *that book*. Let yourself be proud of who you are and what you love. 

I hope to make you feel, and believe, that you are the queen of the gym, the dragon slayer of that fantasy book or THAT girl that is taking her mental health to next level. The sky is the limit here at Mida.10..

10. Time to Party Events & Rentals:

Bouncy House for kids, popcorn and cotton candy vendor.

11. Ulanc Stewart with Sight

My name is Ulanc (Oolana).  I’m a mother to 4 bright children. My third child started kindergarten and I quickly added Tylenol to my shopping list. LOL, I know my strengths, and teaching my children isn’t one of them. Those infamous sight words came home in a class newsletter. I thought to myself, “How do I get my son to visually learn these words?” One morning, while getting him dressed for school and putting his watch on his arm, it dawned on me. Combine what he loves with what he needs to learn. I ran to my husband and said, “I got it”! He loved the idea and SIGHT BANDS was born!

Our mission is pretty simple. We want to help children learn to read by using Sight Bands all day long. To achieve this we created a learning tool that is fun and wearable. Sight Bands work great for moms with young children, teachers, and childcare providers. We strive to assist children in learning to read and encourage them to establish a lifelong love of learning.

13. Southern Cut Designs:

Southern Cut Designs is a woman-owned design business who will design for you!

14. Designs by Dee, Doris Allen-Pratt:

Designs by Dee include original, one-of-a-kind, framed wall art in many sizes (from 8″ X 8″ to 48″ X 96″). Larger pieces by custom orders only. Floral pieces include wall, floor, and table designs. Larger pieces by custom orders only. Sewing crafts include picnic table sets, kitchen and dining table sets. Dee is a long time crafter, recently retired, with time to devote to the love of creativity. She also has a certificate in Floral Design.

15. Crystal and Nicole Marshall, Jam Natura: Beauty Made Simple:

JAMNATURA is a sister-owned natural skincare company. Our aim is to provide cruelty free, natural and organic products for customers who want to enhance their natural beauty as well as those who have common skin conditions. Our products are infused with essential Jamaican herbs that will , nourish and rejuvenate the skin. You won’t find a long list of ingredients on any of our products. Its Beauty Made Simple!

16. Ana’s Natural Soap:

After crafting my first batch of soap out of pure creative curiosity, my passion was unlocked for bringing the best quality handmade soap and skin care to as many people as possible. I personally felt the benefits of using handmade soap, and after taking a look at the amount of unpronounceable ingredients that go into mass produced products, it was no wonder why.

I take the small batch approach for my cold process soaps to ensure the quality of each bar. Every batch is designed with the body in mind and the ingredients are carefully curated to blend perfectly together. I love discovering the many properties of my ingredients and finding the perfect balance in each bar to harness the many benefits that they provide. Whether you are looking for exfoliation, acne treatment, anti-inflammatory, gentle aromatherapy, or a gift for a friend, there is a bar to suit every need.

I am always looking for new inspiration to create so please reach out with any suggestions, custom orders, skin conditions, or allergy concerns; I would love to craft something unique just for you!


1. Food truck, Sabor del caribe:

Every member at Sabor Del Caribe are dedicated to the  uncompromising quality of our food, service and staff. We offer a large selection of menu choices suitable for everyone’s palate. Every dish is Puerto Rico and USVI inspired. We cater events from birthday parties to weddings with specialty choices to make your parties extra special. This is a family run business that prides itself on providing good quality food with authentic flavors of the Caribbean and great customer experiences! We look forward to meeting you!

2. Food Truck, Seis Hermanas: Seis hermanas 977 S Main St NE, Conyers GA 30012 7703101574. Open 10:am to 9pm.

Located at 975 South Main St NE. Conyers, GA. We offer a wide array of fresh food – wings combo 10 pieces, quesabirria with dip, pollo bandido, mix fajita, fish taco, mix quesadillas, steak burrito, and pollo molcajete. We use the freshest ingredients in preparing our food to provide the best quality and taste. Try our delicious food today!

3. Dee’s NY Style Kitchen:

Soul Food at it’s Finest!

4. Food Truck, WGL Barbecue:

4. Sweet Treat Depot:

Located at 916 Commercial Street in the heart of Olde Town Conyers, Sweat Treat Depot offers more than amazing homemade sweets and treats–they also have great drinks and merchandise and host parties! All their goodies are made from scratch. Pralines, fudge, candy & caramel apples, chocolate dipped pretzels, chips, marshmallows, rice crispy treats, taffy and more. We also have a wide variety of vintage candy and scoop able candy, such as gummy bears, jelly beans, etc… Come and meet their friendly staff and taste the best candies around!


The following merchants, law firms, and other organizations have donated time, money, or product to make The Conyers Book Festival a reality. Please show your appreciation by patronizing them whenever possible:


Old Town Merchants Association, LTD:

Olde Town Merchants Conyers, Georgia
The Olde Town Merchants LTD are merchants operating within the historic district of Olde Town Conyers

The Olde Town Merchants Association, LTD is an association of merchants who have businesses located in or who conduct business within the historic district of Olde Town Conyers, Georgia. It’s goal is to facilitate the economic growth of Olde Town in a way that is respectful of the area’s history while mindful of its progress.

The Read Law Firm, P.C.:

The Read Law Firm
The Read Law Firm PC has been in business for over 18 years in Olde Town Conyers at 915 Commercial St.

The Read Law Firm, P.C. is a personal injury law firm representing with lawyers having over thirty years experience representing people in business disputes or injured by train, plane, or automobile through-out the Metro Atlanta area. Check us out and call 770-929-8644 for more information.

Visit The Book Cellar!

The Book Cellar is a woman-owned independent bookstore, located in the heart of Old Town Conyers, GA. We offer a variety of titles, new and used. Our cafe is the perfect place to grab light fare & drinks while you relax and read your favorite book. Our vision is to bring a welcoming space to the local community, where people can come together and bond over their love of reading and fellowship. Soon we hope to host community events as well as offer a space for book club meetings. 

Press Releases

November 2023


   Contact:  T.K. Read

   Phone: 770-653-6236

   Email: [email protected]


Conyers Book Festival Slated for April, 2023

(November 15 2022) The Merchants of Olde Town Conyers are planning to launch the very first Conyers Book Festival on April 22, 2023.  The festival will be held on the property of The Book Cellar, located at 951 Railroad Street in beautiful Olde Town Conyers.  Festival plans include author and industry speakers, author and publisher tents with books for all ages, book giveaways, food trucks, children’s activities and more.  Active sponsors for this event include The Book Cellar, The Read Law Firm, P.C. and the Olde Town Merchant’s Association.

For additional information regarding sponsorship or participation, contact T.K. Read at [email protected].


Book Festival Committee Members from Left to Right, Amber Hillegeist, Lorraine Harrison, Sandy Daniels, Co-Chair Tamara Gatson, Co-Chair T. K. Read, Noelle Cosby, Tara Huchelnestich, Neshia Thompson, and Ginette Nean