The Book Cellar:

The Book Cellar is a woman-owned independent bookstore, located in the heart of Old Town Conyers, GA. We offer a variety of titles, new and used. Our cafe is the perfect place to grab light fare & drinks while you relax and read your favorite book. Our vision is to bring a welcoming space to the local community, where people can come together and bond over their love of reading and fellowship. Soon we hope to host community events as well as offer a space for book club meetings. 

The Book Cellar shall have two tented booths at the Conyers Book Festival with a wide variety of books from established authors. Inside The Book Cellar on the day of the festival, they will also host several author talks and book signings with a roster to be announced soon.

2. Author, T. K. Read:

T.K. Read is a Conyers, Georgia attorney and an award wining artist and author. Her debut title, Ranger Nader & The Sunstruck Phantom, was a winner in the International Book Awards, the Gold Medal Winner of the 2022 Global Book Award in the Children’s Fantasy and Supernatural Category, a finalist in The IAN, Wishing Shelf, Readers’ Favorite , and Indie Excellence Awards, and was Long Listed by the Green Earth Book Awards. The book is appropriate for ages 9 and up, and is a fantastical version of TK’s ancestors’ real life struggle to protect Lebanon’s famous cedar forest. In it, Ranger inherits the title of “Forest Keeper,” a magic ax, and the family feud with Gilgamesh of Epic fame. The crazy demigod-king has returned to destroy the Forest and the world, and Ranger has to stop him. Her second book in the series, Ranger Nader & the Unsolvable Riddle has received many 5 starred reviews. For more information on the series, go here:

3. Author, Shanti G. Krishnamurty:

Shanti Krishnamurty grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. Her formative years were spent at her local library, reading such classic fantasy as L. Frank Baum’s Oz series, as well as The Arabian Nights, and the original Grimm fairy tales. It was then that her love of all things fantastic and mythological was born.

Shanti earned her bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University in 2022. She currently lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with one very tolerant and supportive husband, two sons, and two rather pesky dogs, neither of which belong to her. When she’s not gardening, or doing something crafty, she’s writing young adult paranormal novels.

Shanti writes clean fiction – no sex, no rated ‘R’ violence, no language, with a dash of romance thrown in, but only a dash. Her novels tend to be more focused on her main characters finding their own strength and their own place of belonging.

4. Author, Shetal Shah:

Shakti Girls by Shetal Shah

Shakti Girls is a children’s book of rhyming stories about thirteen inspiring women from India who demonstrate “shakti,” power of the feminine. The featured women reflect the diversity of India and its diaspora either religiously, geographically, or in the industries from which they are known. From the globally well-known producer Mindy Kaling to the lesser-known freedom fighter Kasturba Gandhi, the stories of these women are illuminated to bring inspiration to a new generation. Empowering words in Hindi are woven throughout, as well as activities at the end of the book to empower the reader’s inner shakti. A short glossary of English and Hindi words is provided on each page to enhance the reader’s experience. With beautiful illustrations of each trailblazer, Shakti Girls will leave readers feeling emboldened, enriched, and empowered to learn and do more.
Shetal Shah is a second-generation Indian-American and former educator of 14 years. She taught world history in all-girls schools where she witnessed how curriculum and literature inclusive of women from diverse backgrounds can positively impact girls’ self-esteem, identity development, and belonging. Shetal also developed and led numerous educator workshops, presenting at national conferences covering topics on pedagogy and diversity and inclusion. Shetal currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her
family. Shakti Girls is her first book.

5. Author, Tia McCollors:

Tia McCollors is an award-winning author, speaker, and writing coach. She graduated from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) with a degree in journalism and mass communications and dreamed of one day being TV network news anchor. But upon graduation her considerable writing and speaking talents lead her in a different direction — to the public relations industry where she established a successful career and worked for a decade.

She left the corporate arena to start a family and to nurture her writing and speaking skills. Her first novel, A Heart of Devotion (Moody, 2005) was recognized as an Essence Magazine bestseller. To date, Tia has written 11 novels and one non-fiction devotion book.  Her publishing credits include work with Moody Publishers, Whitaker House, Kensington Publishing (Dafina) and Simon & Schuster. Her most recent novels include two cozy mysteries (A Cross To Bear and ‘Twas The Clue Before Christmas) in the Guidepost series, The Sweet Carolina Mysteries. She also contributed devotions to the online Sisters in Faith community and to Daily Guideposts.

Her publishing success and background in public relations has enabled Tia to become a frequent and sought after speaker at conferences and events. She is also a dedicated wife and a mother to three children.

Tia’s titles include: A Heart of Devotion, Zora’s Cry, The Truth About Love, The Last Woman Standing, Steppin’ Into The Good Life, If These Shoes Could Talk, Give Me A Reason, Friday Night Love, Sunday Morning Song, Monday Morning Joy, A Cross To Bear and ‘Twas The Clue Before Christmas.

6. Author, Julie Rose:

By the time she was ten years old, multi-award winning author Juliet Rose knew she wanted to be a writer. She entertained neighborhood kids with her stories after school and with the support of her mother got her first typewriter. Life had other plans and after the death of her mother when Juliet was eleven, she put those dreams on hold. Over the decades she has picked up the proverbial pen time and again, writing about her life experiences including the cancer diagnosis and subsequent passing of her four year old daughter.

Focusing on contemporary and supernatural fiction, she is driven to bring to life characters from many walks of life and the struggles faced in modern society. Her writing style is open and fluid, giving the characters the ability to shine as the truth of their own story. Her works are honest and sometimes brutally painful, but in the end her characters are given the voice which needs to be heard.

Juliet is a New York native living in the mountains of Georgia. She has lived all over the United States and Mexico and doesn’t plan to stop seeing the world beyond her front door step. She spends her time rescuing animals, painting, and writing. Her dream is to get an RV to explore hidden gems and find the best vegan restaurants.

7. Author Paul Schwartz:

Why Didn’t The Chicken Cross the Road

Atlanta Author Puts A Spin on Classic Riddle in Comedic and Heartwarming Story

Mascot Books announces the release of Why Didn’t the Chicken Cross the Road?, written and illustrated by Paul Schwartz. We all know why the chicken crosses the road, but what happens when it doesn’t? What happens when a chicken has FOMO (the fear of missing out) from his friends but also the fear of crossing to meet them? What happens when a chicken… is a chicken? 

 Chicken only wants one thing: to cross the road. His friends on the other side eat popsicles for lunch, play Duck Duck Goose and invite him to join the fun. But Chicken’s fears hold him back, fears that are magnified by his parents, who screech and cluck their warnings about the hazards of crossing. Will Chicken overcome his fears? In the end, his pluck and ingenuity take the story to a smart and satisfying free-range conclusion.

Author Paul Schwartz is an environmental lawyer, folk artist, guitar player and songwriter who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his family. He was a member of the relatively unknown rock bands Big Fish Ensemble and Lord High Admirals, and takes care of backyard chickens. This is his first children’s book. 

8. Author Patricia Cruzan

Author Patricia Cruzan writes about her life and travels in poetry and verse. She also writes across genres and will be selling chapter books about pets, middle grade books about junior detectives solving mysteries in the United States and Great Britain, and currently is pending publication on a picture book with a New York publisher.

9. Author Asia Rainey-Ani:

Asia Rainey-Ani is a multidisciplinary artist and writer with a resume spanning spoken word poetry, music, theatre, visual arts, and film. As a native New Orleanian, her work reflects the vivid vernacular, southern rhythm, and spirited culture of her birthplace. Known for writing with intense imagery and lyrical storytelling, Ms. Rainey has been welcomed as a dynamic performer at numerous events, festivals, and educational institutions. Her work in the arts, education, and activism has received national and international acclaim, from being named a 2017 Literary Arts Fellow for the State of Mississippi to serving as a U.S. arts delegate overseas. As an educator, she has authored curricula for creative writing, facilitating workshops for arts professionals, academic teachers, and audiences spanning generations. Asia also owns a publishing company called Nine Page Media, which is soon partnering with a larger publishing company called Chin Music Press (Seattle, Japan). That company also happens to be the publisher for her children’s book, titled Oshun’s Book of Mirrors. She has published other books as well that she will be selling at the festival.

10. Author Colleen Baxter:

 Collen Baxter is an author with two different pen names and book genres. As “Grace Colline,” she writes historical romances and several of her titles are set in the Regency period of England. As “C.N. Hill,” she writes paranormal mystery featuring a South Georgia medium who helps solve murders. On the personal side, Colleen lives in Stockbridge, Georgia with two of her five children and way too many dogs. When she is not grading papers for her online Biology classes or cooking, she is writing something inspired by Jane Austen. For inspiration, she sits at her spinning wheel turning fiber into yarn until the story is ready to be told. 

11. Author Marie E. Lindo:

Marie E. Lindo penned her first novel Chasing Love and Sunshine as an ode to her love of writing, literature, and a good storyline. Her passion for writing began at an early age. As a young girl she was an avid reader and she stuck with her passion for reading throughout her life, which fed her talent for writing and led to her debut into the world of authors. She’s thrilled to finally join this esteemed group and put all my passion and love for writing into her first novel.

Chasing Love and Sunshine is a combination of her imagination, observation of people, and her life experiences. Marie borrowed from her experience in corporate America and everyday experience of the average woman making her way through life, to build out her novel on the trials and triumphs for women in love and life.

Marie is already working on my second novel, a follow up to the first, expected in 2023 to be an exciting parallel story to Chasing Love and Sunshine. When she’s not busy writing her next novel, she is a full-time working mom and wife who enjoys entertaining at home, movies, eating out, and spending time with her family.

12. Author Denise Walker:

13. Author Melony Brown:

Melony Brown is a native Georgian and currently resides in Smyrna, Ga. Music playing loudly while driving through the North Georgia mountains with the Jeep top off make for a perfect day, especially when her husband, Jeff, and labradoodle, Willow, join her.

Before becoming an author, Melony taught students who struggled in both public and private schools. Currently, she works as a private academic tutor.

Melony is also an award-winning author, speaker, and host of the Challenges Won’t Stop Me podcast. Her debut Christian living book, Challenges Won’t Stop Me: An Interactive Survival Guide for Overcoming & Thriving, is a Finalist in the 2023 Best Book Awards and a Finalist in the 2023 Selah Awards.

The lessons Melony’s learned over the course of decades of fighting to overcome neurological challenges combined with snippets of some of the overcomers she’s interviewed on her podcast create the eight-mile journey in her book. This interactive book invites the reader to create a survival guide by equipping and empowering her to use the essential gear she’ll need to fight to overcome any challenge that dares to intersect her path. Challenges are part of life. Are you prepared to fight to overcome those that intersect your path?

14. Author Kanisha Graham,

Kanisha Graham is the author of 25 Prayers That Changed My Life. She is a Registered Cardiovascular Sonographer; it was through her passion that she discovered her purpose. She is also a speaker, mentor, and certified life coach. As an adult she faced many challenges and often times she wondered how she was going to make it. So she started journaling about the things that was concerning her. One day she was in need of some encouragement so she opened her journal to look back over the things she had written previously. It was at that moment that she realized she had been praying to God and she could see how He was answering her prayers. Kanisha believes if it wasn’t for prayer she wouldn’t have a story to share.

25 Prayers That Changed My Life was designed to help others to pray about all things concerning their life. It’s a reminder that there’s nothing to hard for God to handle. That even on our worst days God is waiting to love on us. After every prayer in this book there is a section where you can journal and cast all of your concerns to God. Kanisha believes that she is the woman that she is today all because of time spent with God. It is her hope that at least one prayer will be a blessing to you. Take a moment and pray about it. Remember God is waiting to hear from you also.

15. Author, Vanessa Nartey writing as Honey Moore

Books by Honey Moore

Author Vanessa Nartey was born in bustling East New York (Brooklyn), New York. Her mother passed when she was five and she found herself in the slow reading section at school. Then, according this happened… “I spelled “advantageous.” This moved me from the slow to the advanced section of the classroom.  The teacher sent me home with a note to my dad.  That was nice.  But what I remember most about that day is falling in love with words.  I read and began to write them all the time.  They made me believe I could do whatever I put my mind to no matter what… That third grade day changed what I believed about my intelligence and abilities. This is why I strive to encourage children to read and believe what’s possible for them too.  And, it is why I write.

I chose the author name – Honey Moore – in honor of my Grandmother – Pearl Moore who is the sweetest woman I have ever known.”

16. Author Juanita N. Woodson:

Juanita N. Woodson is a mom, wife, author, coach and publisher. She learned to walk confidently in her purpose and passion by serving others as a writing and author coach, mentor and the owner of Grace 4 Purpose Publishing Co. LLC.

Juanita developed a love for writing at a young age, whether it was through journaling, writing poetry or just writing short stories, there was always a feeling of freedom whenever the pen was in her hand touching paper. She took that love for writing and wrote and self-published three books that empower others to take accountability, step out of their comfort zone and to heal. Her first book, ‘Don’t Go That Way: Protect Your Purpose’ was published in 2017 and motivated her to continue writing. She released her second book, ‘Put it Down: Gentle Reminders for Healing’ and her third book, ‘My Comfort Zone is Broken’ in 2021.

In 2021 she took a leap of faith and stepped out of her own comfort zone to open her own publishing and consulting company, Grace 4 Purpose, Publishing Co. LLC. Juanita has since helped over a dozen authors and counting to write and publish their books. She has also worked with  others to collaborate in three different book projects. Women of Destiny: The Path to Greatness, Words of Wisdom for the Heart and Soul, and most recently she was the visionary of the collaborative project, ‘Moments for Moms: Give Yourself a Minute’.

She wrote and published her first children’s book, ‘Bug Writes a Book’ in 2022. Juanita’s book encourages young readers to get creative and write and publish their own unique stories.

You can connect with Juanita and learn more about her books, coaching and publishing company on social media:

17. Author, Zachary Jeffries:

Zachary Jeffries writes high-imagination Young Adult Fantasy in contemporary settings. These fast-paced books feature realistic, snarky teens with realistic problems, like catching rides and passing tests. On the other hand, they also feature fantastical Fates, Reapers, and witches with fantastical problems, like curses and threats to the balance of life and death.

Z Jeffries writes Middle GradeScience Fiction adventures that move at the speed of light. High-concept adventures are packed full of as many tropes and interesting characters as can fit in his lightning-fast stories. You can visit for free fiction from either of his pen names.–

18. Author Krystal Grant:

 Krystal Grant is an author who uses her southern roots as inspiration for her writing. Her books are dazzling novels about women who use their strength and perseverance to overcome tragedies. Krystal’s writing isn’t limited to adult fiction. She has published two children’s books over the years. The Poppy series is a fantastic tale about a little girl who is learning about the big, wide world.  Krystal’s latest work, One Thousand Yellow Butterflies, is her first volume of poetry which is dedicated to her departed mother.  Krystal maintains an active presence on social media and enjoys connecting with aspiring authors to give timely advice on the process of writing and the publishing industry.

    She holds degrees from The University of South Carolina (B.A. English), Georgia State University (M.Ed., Educational Leadership), and Mercer University (M.A.T., Educational Leadership). Krystal is a proud Carolina girl currently living in the Atlanta area with her husband, affectionately called Mr. Incredible, and their three rock-star children.

19. Author Jessica H. Writing as Aziza Sphinx and Ana’Gia Wright and Penned in Ink, LLC:

Aziza Sphinx, also writing under the pseudonym Ami’Gia Wright, is a firm believer that reading and writing go hand and hand. A southerner through and through she loves her peaches and pecans while curling up with a good book. A master of resourcefulness her love of research leads her down paths of discovery that touch every aspect of her writing. Her love ofreading ignited her passion for writing leading her to frequently fill page after page with tales of her beloved characters’ adventures. An influence and an adversary she loves to sprinkle facts about her beloved Georgia throughout her fictional worlds. A techie by trade and writer by necessity, Aziza has had the privilege of having her creative works published in literary journals, print and e-magazines, and anthologies. As a hybrid author, she has words published by traditional publishers, small presses, and through her own publishing company Penned in Blue, LLC. Aziza has served as a presenter at multiple conventions including the UBAWA Book Fair, Multiverse, and SORMAG Book Festival. She has also conducted workshops for The Linguistique Mystique Language Services (TLM Co.) and the Atlanta African American Book Festival.

20. Author Dr. Shanah K. Grant of Sharpie Sessions:

Dr. Shanah K. Grant help students overcome their fear of Math by changing the way they think about and approach math. She is the founder of Sharpe Sessions LLC, and creator of the “A Toolkit for Raising Wealthy Kidz” book, the Math SAT Prep Workbook and the “Let’s Talk Numbers” series -English and Spanish Translations. She is a mathematics professor who takes joy in connecting math to real-life for students in a fun way! As such, her books have practical life application and math activities to get students excited about math. Using the knowledge that she gained from going on to earn a master’s and Ph.D. in Mathematics, she helps students avoid debt and master the math SAT in her Math SAT Prep Workbook. Additionally, she is fueled by her research on how the wealthy acquire their riches, keep and transfer that wealth to their generations. In her book, A Toolkit for Raising Wealthy Kidz, she outlines resources for parents to use to build wealth and transfer that wealth to their kids and future generations. This book is also full of activities for parent to do with their kids to help build their child’s financial literacy. A Toolkit for Raising Wealthy Kidz also has activities aligned with the math standards in the 3rd – 12th grade classroom.

21. Author Lynette Baco-NGuyen:

Author Lynette Bacon-Nguyen writes Young Adult Fantasy books. She loves creating new worlds, examining different story elements, and creating characters a bit different than your average fantasy heroes. Her favorite movie is Spirited Away, and her favorite drama is the Good Place, her favorite book is Going Postal by Terry Pratchett, and her favorite author Drew Hayes.

The things Lynette seeks to create are stories she wants to tell from angles, crooks and turns not usually examined. She is what someone calls neurodivergent or neuroatypical, so she tries to capture that in an interesting way. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the work she produces at the, where she’ll sell and sign her books, art prints, stickers and other merch!

22. Author Denise McGee:

Murder in Roseville by Author Denise McGee

Born in a small town in Northeast Ohio, Denise McGee had an idyllic childhood spent romping in the woods behind her home and tramping the fields on her grandfather’s farm. When not outside, she could be found with her nose firmly planted in a book. A voracious reader, Denise devoured mysteries, fantasy, and paranormal stories in equal amounts. This is probably why she writes such delightful paranormal mysteries.

Denise currently makes her home on the outskirts of Atlanta with her husband, 3 children, 1 grandson, and a wide assortment of dogs and cats. When not writing, she can be found on Facebook or with her face once again buried in a book.

23. Author, Bernard N. Lee, Jr.

Bernard N. Lee, Jr. is the oldest son of a career veteran of the U.S. Army and traveled with his family throughout the U.S. and Europe in his childhood. The places, people, and stories he remembers are shared in his award-winning book series. Bernard attended Cameron College in Oklahoma and Howard University in Washington, D.C. While at Howard, he joined the Army ROTC, obtained a private pilot’s license, earned a regular army commission and subsequently retired as a Captain from the Army Reserves. After graduating from Howard, he joined AT&T in New Jersey where he worked until his retirement in 2003. Following retirement, he realized a life-long dream of teaching at Somerset Vo-Tech High School in New Jersey. Currently, he serves as a Director of the “How Big is Your Dream?! Foundation,” a teacher of “Chess for Students” at the Hills Academy in Conyers, GA, and is a frequent guest speaker on the internationally syndicated “Tribe Family Channel tm radio podcast. His book awards include a 2019 Best Book Awards Finalist award and a 2020 International Book Awards Finalist in both the Youth Nonfiction and in History: Military. Bernie is a member of the Atlanta Writers Club, the Georgia Writers Association, The Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, the African American Book Club, the Alliance of Independent Authors, the Military Writers Society of America, and the Local Post 77 of the Conyers American Legion.

25. Joanie Bame, Barefoot Books Community Bookseller:

STEP INSIDE A STORY with a Barefoot Books Community Bookseller!

Are you a parent, grandparent, educator, or someone searching for a memorable baby shower or birthday gift? Barefoot Books has a story to impact the child in your life!

Hello Book Friends! My name is Joanie Bame and I have been an avid reader since childhood. Still today, expanding my personal library, getting lost in the pages, discussing my treasured editions, and increasing my never-ending TBR list puts a sparkle in my eyes. I am sharing my life-long passion to inspire young people, foster early literacy, and encourage family reading. Seeing a child excitedly select a book and clutch it to their chest brings me immense joy. That is why I offer home and classroom library additions from a women-founded, independent publisher through my website, virtual and in-person bookfairs, and community events.

Travel the globe and introduce children to countries, cultures, and languages with award-winning books and activities, for ages 0-12, in the areas of early learning, stem, nature and sustainability, social emotional, and mind and body. Kids are enthusiastic about the glow-in-the-dark solar system poster and oversized world map.

Interactive audio and video QR codes, lift-the-flap pages, seek-and-find objects, peek-a-boo pages, slide-and-see pages, recipes, and educational endnotes will have children reaching for them over and over.

Together, we can open children’s hearts, minds, and worlds with Barefoot Books!

The following payment methods are accepted: Cash, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cash App, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and JCB.

25. THE Little Book Spot and 1010 Publishing, Multi-Cultural Bookstore/Publisher: Also: : 733 Pleasant Hill Rd, Suite e30, Lilburn, GA 30047THE Little Book Spot specializes in bilingual books of varied genres that elevate varied authors of multi-cultural works. Publisher, 1010 Publishing: 1010 Publishing, 280 Winslow Way, Bethlehem, GA 30620. 1010 Publishing launched in 2018 with the release of our first book, “3,585 Miles to be an American Girl”. 1010 Publishing was launched by a life-long educator, whose sole mission is to increase access to literary works that reflect the beautiful world we live in! That includes stories, characters, and LANGUAGES. We have titles that include Spanish, Twi, Vietnamese, Traditional Chinese, French, and Korean. We are a fairly new & small publishing press that focuses on the release of books in a bilingual format. We are ready to
work alongside authors and excited to publish their literary works. Browse our site to discover more about what we have to offer you and your manuscript. We offer freelance services such as editing, graphic design, and beta readers as well. We invite you to connect with us on social media and via our website

26. Author Marquita Thomas:

Marquita Thomas-Turner is a native of Atlanta, GA. With a passion and love for the healthcare field, she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy and later her Graduate Certificate in Clinical Health Informatics. For the past 6 years she has practiced as a Registered Respiratory Therapist at one of the most notable hospitals in Atlanta. Her desire to write children’s books was sparked after losing her father while pregnant with her first child. For her son to get an idea of who his grandad was, she wanted to write a book series detailing all the experiences her father wanted to share with his first grandchild. The first book in the series, KJ Chronicles: Adventures with Grandad (Picture Day) takes readers on a heartfelt journey on the love and bond shared between a grandad and grandson. 

KJ Chronicles: Adventures with Grandad, LLC online store has merchandise that the whole family can enjoy. Including bookmarks, wristbands, mini puzzles, coffee mugs, tumblers, pop sockets and flash cards. Originating from our children’s book series, the main goal is foster a family friendly environment while creating memories with your loved ones.

27. Author John Doriot:

John Doriot has wanted to be a writer since he was in the second grade and he is fulfilling a dream every day when he sits down to write. His five children’s books reflect his love for animals, especially his dog Oreo, nature, and his granddaughter with the intent of helping children not only learn to read but also learn to love reading. My poetry is driven by nature and my thoughts within that environment reflecting its healing ability, boundless beauty, and spiritual essence.

“When I was very young, I wrote poems about my family, trying to become another Dr. Seuss, one of my favorite authors then and still so today. I have written children’s books my entire life, honing my craft, and I am delighted with my Oreo book series which have become very popular.”

John is an award-winning author who has won four Georgia Independent Author of the Year Awards in 2022 and 2023. He has lived in Augusta for 33 years and currently resides in Evans, Georgia with his wife and his dog Oreo. When not writing, John loves to read and travel, especially to see their new granddaughter who is featured in his latest Oreo book!

“How lucky am I to be able to do what I have always dreamed of doing?  Easy answer -very lucky and very blessed.”

28. Author Sallana Brown:

Sallana Brown is an award-winning author, celebrated for her inspiring books that teach empathy, resilience, grit, collaboration, creative thinking, and resourcefulness. She empowers kids to develop these skills so they can succeed in school, work, and life. She lives in Metro Atlanta with her family, including her three spirited children who often inspire her writing.

When she’s not writing books that instill a growth mindset, promote STEAM education, and inspire entrepreneurial spirit, Sallana delves into the fascinating world of genealogy, unraveling family mysteries, tracing ancestral roots, and unearthing captivating family stories

29. Co-Authors, Ann Hazzard and Marianne Celano:

Ann Hazzard, PhD, ABPP

Ann Hazzard, PhD, ABPP is a clinical psychologist and recently retired Associate Professor at Emory University School of Medicine. She provided child assessment and therapy services and conducted research on child trauma at Emory’s Grady campus. She has been a board member of several community nonprofits focused on child abuse prevention, bereavement support for children, and promotion of children’s literacy. Currently, she is active in community advocacy efforts focused on social justice and children’s behavioral health.

Along with colleagues Marianne Celano, PhD, ABPP, Marietta Collins, PhD and Vivianne Aponte Rivera, MD, Dr. Hazzard has co-authored four picture books that feature diverse children and families meeting contemporary challenges with compassion and resilience. These books are part of the “Something Happened” series, published by Magination Press. Each book includes an extensive Note for Caretakers, which provides guidance for parents and educators who are using the story as a springboard for important conversations. Dr. Hazzard’s books have won parenting, educator, and literary awards and the first book in the series, Something Happened in Our Town: A Child’s Story about Racial Injustice, was a New York Times bestseller. Dr. Hazzard has also co-authored Something Happened in Our Park: Standing Together After Gun Violence, Something Happened to My Dad: A Story about Immigration and Family Separation, and Algo Le Pasó a Mi Papá: Una Historia Sobre Inmigración y La Separación Familiar.

Marianne Celano, PhD, ABPP

Marianne Celano, PhD, ABPP is a family psychologist and Professor at the Emory University School of Medicine, where she supervises psychology and psychiatry residents providing behavioral health services to children and families. Dr. Celano specializes in the treatment of children, including those who have experienced traumatic events. She has developed and used therapeutic storytelling to help children and families heal and understand one another better. She is also active in community advocacy efforts focused on behavioral health, social justice, and environmental protection.

Along with colleagues Marietta Collins, PhD and Ann Hazzard, PhD, Dr. Celano has co-authored several picture books that feature diverse children and families meeting contemporary challenges. The “Something Happened” series, published by Magination Press, consists of five engaging stories which build children’s resilience and compassion. Each book includes an extensive Note for Caretakers, which provides guidance for parents and educators who are using the story as a springboard for important conversations. The first book in the series, Something Happened in Our Town: A Child’s Story about Racial Injustice, won numerous awards and was a New York Times bestseller. Dr. Celano is also a co-author for Something Happened in Our Park: Standing Together After Gun Violence and Something Happened to Our Planet: Kids Tackle the Climate Crisis.

30. Author Cheryl Davis:

Cheryl Anderson Davis is the author of numerous historical novels based in Georgia. Her latest Historical Romance INTO THEMOMENT is centered around Fort Benning during World War II. She has also been been included in numerous anthologies, including the lighthearted THE BAD DAY BOOK—a compliation of stories “when you feel like life’s a joke and you’re the punchline.”

31. Author Deshawn Edwards: Website:

Investor’s Playbook, co-founded by dynamic financial educators Deshawn Edwards and Cornell Rowan, stands at the forefront of financial literacy and empowerment. Our enterprise is dedicated to equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary for achieving sustainable financial independence and growth. As Financial Educators, we at Investor’s Playbook offer a comprehensive and applicable knowledge that caters to diverse financial needs. Our expertise spans across crucial areas such as stock market insights, real estate investment, budget creation, and strategic financial planning.

What sets Investor’s Playbook apart is our commitment to education and community building. Deshawn Edwards and Cornell Rowan bring a wealth of experience in financial management and investment strategies. Their educational background and hands-on experience in finance promotes breaking down complex financial concepts into understandable and actionable steps.

At Investor’s Playbook we bring success through action by hosting workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions, all aimed at demystifying the often-intimidating world of finance. Our goal is to make financial wisdom accessible to all, empowering people from various walks of life to take charge of their financial futures confidently. Investor’s Playbook isn’t just about financial advice; it’s about fostering a community where knowledge leads to financial freedom. Whether you’re starting on your financial journey or looking to elevate your investment strategies, let Investor’s Playbook guide you towards mastering the art of finance with clarity and confidence.

32. Author Nikki Porter:

Nikki Rakestraw Porter is the celebrated author of Lauren’s Awesome Adventures and Granddaddy Visits London. A career educator by day and a writer by night, Nikki loves reading, community service, and yoga. Nikki believes education is vital for growth. She is a proud graduate of Tuskegee University, Central Michigan University and the University of West Georgia. Nikki R. Porter resides in Atlanta with her husband Christopher and daughters Lauren and London.

Dancing Denise and the Spring Recital is a delightful book that uses alliteration to bring enjoyment. The story follows two sisters and their dancing debut. Denise experiences distress in the thought of dancing before a large audience while her sister was thrilled. Although fears and worries are typical in children, persistent or extreme forms of fear and sadness could be due to anxiety. Dancing Denise and the Spring Recital highlights the importance of being positive and never giving up. This book will surely leave young readers feeling happy, empowered, and less fearful to look confidently to the future. Teachers may use this book to address GA Standards of Excellence.

33. Author Annetha Jones:

Annetha Jones, Ed.S. is the author of FROM POVERTY TO PRINCIPAL: A Guide to Promote Equity and Student Advocacy. Her book takes you on a journey from Annetha’s childhood to adulthood. She shares her strengths, vulnerabilities, and how life events propelled her to promote educational advocacy for Black and Brown students. Through her experiences and deliberate efforts, she transparently imparts her personal and professional strategies to assist students of color to avoid common pitfalls as they navigate the educational system. A retired principal, Jones gained extensive knowledge of the system’s inner workings and has been privy to the inequities faced by many students of color. “I hope what I have learned helps others gain the most from the educational system. We must all work to ensure our students are prepared for the amazing opportunities awaiting them.”

Annetha is a graduate of Florida A&M University and Nova Southeastern University.  She enjoys being involved in her community and serves as an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., NCNW and other local organizations. Annetha is a retired middle and high school principal, an educator and an inspirational speaker.  Her goal is to live a faith-filled life and inspire others through her personal passion for promoting educational equality.

34. Author Amy Iketani:

Amy Iketani started her writing career at the age of 54. After a dozen years of being a stay-at-home mom and another dozen years of working in the food service industry, she decided to focus on her love of writing after the death of her mother. Amy was recently featured in the Winter 2024 edition of the We Are Henry magazine.

            Amy’s debut novel, Coming Home, is set in Erie, PA, and follows Louise Jensen as she returns home after being away a decade and finds her mother in a coma. She must also face her family, friends and ex-boyfriend while she is home. Does Louise decide that living at home is where she needs to be?

            Amy’s second novel, The Last Wish, follows Russell Reed and his son, Adam. After losing his wife the previous summer, they have put their annual trip to their vacation home in Jekyll Island, GA, on hold because the memories would be too hard. When Russell and Adam decided to give it a try, they realize that maybe the one place they’ve been avoiding is actually where they need to be.

            Amy lives in Stockbridge, Georgia, with her husband and pet cat. Originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, Amy met her husband while working for Club Med and has lived in Florida, Japan and Hawaii. Amy enjoys crocheting, reading, and spending time with her two grown children, Alisa and Leo, and traveling with her husband, Yoshi, of thirty two years.

35. Author Ryan Kiesshauer:

Ryan Kiesshauer is, first and foremost, a worship pastor. He thinks music is the best thing God ever invented and loves the way it can move people like nothing else can — and so devotes the majority of his time and effort toward using music to point people toward God as best as he can. He also happens to be a huge nerd; he grew up loving the fantasy genre in its various forms and, catching the spark of an idea, decided to try his hand at writing a full-length novel, which (un?)fortunately came out as a trilogy. The Five Realms is truly a culmination of nerdiness, creativity, and love for Jesus. Ryan happily lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with his radiant wife, Bethany, his fantastic kids, Brin and Milo, and his mostly awesome Labrador, Ron.

36. Author Joy Hutcherson:

Growing up around church, Joy was no stranger to religion, but it always felt like she was Teflon and religion just didn’t stick. She didn’t understand religion or the Bible and had given up on any hope of a relationship with God. However, after being born again, she began to finally understand the Bible and who God is. Through her writing, Joy hopes to share with her readers what God has shared with her so others can understand too! 

The Stray Puppy is her debut book that illustrates to young readers who Jesus is, what He came to do, and why we need Him. This is the first of many more in reserve just waiting to be released.

37. Author Dee Dee Green:

Denielle Green the author of Backyard Journey International Escapes. During the pandemic, I was in search of new destinations to explore the world closer to home within a 6-hour drive or less, from Georgia. I enjoyed these backyard journeys with my husband or mom or going solo. I talk about the cities and States I visited and what I experienced. I also tell the story of two international trips. My book is sold on Amazon as well as through jotform for a signed copy.

Denielle Green was born and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts. When relocating to Georgia she served in the Georgia Army National Guard for eight years. She loves to hike and backyard travel with her husband and three children. Denielle resides with her family in Covington, Georgia.

38. Author Kristy Hoefler:

I’ve been writing since I was ten years old, starting with poetry. In high school I tried my hand at screenplays. A few years later I decided to write my first book, ‘A Taste of Moonlight’. It’s an Urban Paranormal Shifter Romance story. It’s available for purchase on Amazon. My next book is called ‘Too Many Alpha’s’. Also, an Urban Paranormal Shifter Romance. This book is available on Amazon Vella. I do have a thing for werewolves. It’s likely any book I write will involve them or at least some kind of shifter. Along with writing, I also have a love for traveling. In 2020 a friend and I bought a school bus and converted it into a Skoolie. We now drive it around the country, exploring new places along the way. When I’m not driving the bus to new adventures or writing about them in my books, you’ll usually find me out hiking, kayaking, binge-watching my favorite shows, or curled up with a good book.

39. Author Laura Holt:


Laura Holt is the award-winning author of the YA Star-Crossed series, where magic and myth collide when the long-lost descendant of Juliet decides to take on the gods and goddesses of Olympus to break a generational curse, and Village of Salt and Sorrow, an Adult Fiction retelling of The Selkie Wife from Scottish folklore and the first-place winner in the Tales Fiction Fairy Tale Contest. Her newest novel, an Adult Mystery retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart, releases in 2024. Her poetry, nonfiction, and short fiction have been published in Calla Press, Pegasus Literary Magazine, Ginosko Literary Journal, Clever Fox Literary, Folkways Press Right to Life Anthology, and the Eber & Wein 2015 Anthology. She is a self-professed word witch with a passion for mythology, history, and caffeine who enjoys telling stories about angry girls with magic powers and wild natures, whose bark is as bad as their bite. When she’s not writing, you can find her stretched out on a yoga mat, hiking down wooded trails, or wandering the aisles at a local bookstore searching for her next great read. She lives in small-town Georgia with her daughter, three cats, and a lot of fake plants. Follow her on Instagram to stay up to date on bookish news, events, and book and music recs, or subscribe to her monthly newsletter for even more exclusive content and writer resources.

40. Author Justin Clark:

Justin J. Clark affectionately  known as Mr.Clark and  by his childhood nickname “‘little Skooter” born in Atlanta G.A to the Late James and Mary Clark on November 18. Raised on the eastside of Atlanta, he attended Philadelphia Christian School( elementary) and graduated from Rockdale County High School.He then went on to the world renowned Historically Black Institution Tuskegee University located in Tuskegee Alabama. After his undergraduate studies he then went on to Liberty University and received a Masters of Arts in Teaching, elementary education. Justin never thought that he would be an educator, let alone an elementary educator but walking into that Pre-K classroom in the heart of East Point Georgia  changed his life forever.   

The field of education is filled with challenges and oppositions but it is the countless men and women who give of themselves, their talents, skills and gifts to help ensure that there is a future for us all. Mr. Clark has been hand picked by the creator to assist in the development of that future.Scooter Goes to the Zoo is here to help open up a world that brings the building blocks of language and the colorful representation of wildlife together to spark the curiosity of young minds and bring joy to the young hearts of this world.     

41. Author Elizabeth John/Michaud:

Elizabeth Michaud is a mother of three adult children, a teacher of foreign languages, and a writer currently living in GA. Originally from TX, Elizabeth has been writing since she was a teenager. She began first by writing short stories of horror. However, being an extremely impatient person by nature, she stumbled upon writing poetry as a means to more quickly facilitate writing dark prose…and thus, a storyteller-poet was born. As she delved more and more into the craft of writing poetry, she discovered it allowed her to address not only dark themes of horror, but themes of love, loss and longing; it provided a venue to address societal ills; it granted her a means to explore the African-American experience through verse, and everything else in between. After more than ten years of experimenting with form, meter, and free verse, Elizabeth was able to compile her writings into her first collection of poetry: Five Dreams. For her efforts, Five Dreams was recently named a 2023 Finalist for Best Book Award for Poetry by the American Book Fest.
When Elizabeth is not working or writing, she can be found enjoying the company of her children and family, reading, watching TV, playing word games, and hosting the occasional game night with her family and friends.

42. Author Sean Lamoont: http://website @

Sean Lamont was born and raised in the suburbs of San Diego, California. Sean’s formative years were spent developing and honing her craft as a well-rounded, triple-threat actor and lover of musical theatre. Sean graduated from School of Creative and Performing Arts, San Diego.

     Sean currently resides in Stone Mountain, Georgia as an Author and nationally known Charcoal Portrait Artist. She has shared her art with such notable celebrities as Tyler Perry, Pamela Anderson, Cece Winans, Anita Baker, RuPaul, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Dr. Marci Bowers. She has shown her artistic renderings nationally in California, Florida, New York, Tennessee, and New Orleans at ESSENCE MUSIC FESTIVAL, MIAMI SIZZLE, SAN DIEGO GAY PRIDE 1998, 2019, and WINTER EXPLOSION in New York. Sean’s art has earned her 3 magazine feature articles, numerous radio and live broadcast interviews, and footage on the local Atlanta news telecast.

     Sean’s first attempt at writing appeared in EBONY MAGAZINE ‘LETTERS TO THE EDITOR’, JUNE 2008. She has recently entered the Literary arena professionally with her debut novel “THE TRUTH KILLS”. The Truth Kills was so successful that Sean created a three-book series under the same title. Sean writes contemporary, adult, fiction, transporting readers into lives they would have never experienced. Her novels focus on vivid, realistic, well developed, characters in which we all can relate. Presently, all of six of Sean’s books have only received 5-star reviews. For more information into the exciting world of Sean Lamont, please visit her website @

43. Author Dr. Francene Breakfield:

Dr. Francene Amaris Breakfield (Fran) is a native of Atlanta Georgia. Her gift of giving back makes her a beacon to all those she comes in contact with through her creative and artistic God given talents. Currently, she serves as a School Counselor at a local high school in the Metro Atlanta area and has been an educator for over twenty years. Fran has also served as an athletic and performance coach (competition cheerleading, Girl’s Track and Field, and Stepping). She is a 2015 Class Noble Educator of Distinction, a 2016 NCNW Trailblazer in Education Award recipient, and a 2017 Nominee for Georgia School Counselor of the Year. Fran is truly gifted working with children but her passion is painting and creative writing. She recently opened her own art instruction business and is the co-editor of the award winning book, An Anthology of Sisterhood. Fran received her Bachelor Degree in Psychology from the University of Georgia, a Masters of Education in Counselor Education from Georgia Southern University, an Educational Specialist in School Counseling from Georgia State University, and a Doctor of Education in Curriculum Studies from Georgia Southern University. Her research centers around sisterhood and mentoring experiences of African American women.

Fran holds a certification from Emory University in the area of creative writing. She is proud of her first children’s book “Proud to be a PK” which was released in 2019. The fourth publication of this acclaimed author is a coffee table book of poetry centered around black Atlanta. The book shares the Black Mecca through the eyes of an Atlanta native. In 2023, she published her 2nd children’s book “Porcupine Kisses and Elephant Hugs”  and “Graduate, Vacate, Be Great” a love letter to all the graduates. Fran enjoys cultural experiences around cities locally, nationally and internationally. She resides in Lithonia, Georgia with her four legged fur baby, Simba. 

44. Author Leslie Clark:

Leslie Clark is a wife, mother, engineer, entrepreneur, and author. Her love for children and volunteering in her community sparked her desire to write books that reflect on issues as well as topics she believed were not being discussed. Clark is a native of Bradenton, Florida but currently resides in Buford, Georgia with her husband and kids. She has been jotting down her ideas for over a decade but recently found the spark needed to turn those ideas into reality. Her goal is to reach as many children of all backgrounds as she can and instill in them a spirit of love, ownership, and lifelong learning. 

45. Author Marlene Ratlidge Buchanon:

Laughter heals our souls. My family and I faced many tragedies and frightening experiences. Instead of my undoing, I found a little spark of humor in that tangle of tears and made life better. Humor keeps me going. I am a southern humorist, who enjoys a little bit of the dark side of life, which is evident in my books. I have found it is just easier to climb out of the potholes of life with a smile and a giggle.

After nearly 35 years of teaching and counseling adolescents and their parents, I retired to begin writing the southern humor Hey Y’all column for the Gwinnett Citizen online newspaper. Anything Goes is my column for Inspiration for a Better World online magazine. A native of Atlanta, I came to Gwinnett County to teach and there, I found my husband, Snell. After turning me down three times, we married 364 days after our first date. We have one child, James, who was deprived of oxygen at birth and suffers with some minor developmental issues. He is special gift to all who know him.

In 2020, I received both the Georgia Independent Writer of the Year Award (GIAYA) and the Christian Women’s Writer Award for her Life is Hard. Soften It with Laughter. In 2021, I was awarded the GIAYA for A Place with a Past, a cozy mystery. For 2022, Ladies of All Nations (LOANI) presented me with the Global Award for Courage and Women Who Make a Difference.

46. Author Anthony Gerald Miller:

Anthony Gerald Miller (Tony) was born in 1944, shortly before his father, Reverend Gerald Miller, shipped to Europe as a chaplain in the U.S. Army. After the war, Gerald returned to parish ministry, and the family moved around Maine and New Hampshire each time Gerald was called to a new church. Tony served as an Army translator in Viet Nam, then studied music at Harvard and library science at Columbia University. He had a 40-year as a librarian, including 35 years as Music Subject Specialist and Assistant Department Manager at the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library’s Central Library. Anthony has compiled his father’s letters from World War II into a book, Dearest Doris: a Chaplain’s Letters Home. Gerald had a knack for writing an interesting story, showing what his work and life were like, without disclosing his location, which would have been censored out. Tony has added extensive notes, giving context and relating Gerald’s experiences to the war’s general progress. Tony’s second book, Love’s Trespass: a Musical Romance of Wrong and Redemption, shows how a couple can be separated by faith and training, even as music draws them together. Tony and his wife, Anne Marie Miller, have three children and seven grandchildren, and live near Athens, Georgia, with a large black cat who adopted them.

47. Author Lynn Hesse:

Lynn Hesse is an award-winning author of the novels: Well of Rage, Murder in Mobile, Another Kind of Hero, A Matter of Respect, Murder in Mobile, Book 2, and The Forty Knots Burn. Her first novel won a 2015 Cop Tale Contest publishing deal, and the second was nominated for a 2016 Falchion Award and won the International Reader’s Favorite Book Award. Her last two novels won the 2023 Georgia Independent Authors Association Awards for Best Police Procedural, Best Cover Adult Fiction, Best Suspense/Thriller, and the Spotlight on Georgia Fiction.

Her short story “Sabotage and A Murder Mystery” is published in Malice, Matrimony, and Murder, 25 Wedding Cozy Mystery and Crime Fiction Stories published by Marla Bradeen, November, 2023.

“Shrewd Women” was reprinted in Crimeucopia, Boomshalalaking, Modern Crimes in Modern Times, UK in June 2023, and published by Onyx Publications and Discovery Podcast in 2022. Bitter Love,” a humorous view of a homicide detective having a lousy day, appeared in Crimeucopia, The I’s Have It by Murderous Ink Press, 2021, UK. “Jewel’s Hell” was in the Me Too Short Stories: An Anthology edited by Elizabeth Zelvin, published in 2019 by Level Best Books. Lynn left law enforcement to write and lives with her husband and his six rescue cats near Atlanta, Georgia, where she performs in several dance troupes.

48. Author Dr. Valencia Weaver :

Dr. Valencia Weaver is a native of Brunswick, GA. She is a graduate of University of Alabama Tuscaloosa campus with Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree and Georgia State University with a Master of Science in nursing. She has been a registered nurse for over thirty-five years, nurse practitioner for fifteen years, and a military trauma nurse for over eleven years. Dr. Weaver published her DNP scholarly project in a Urologic Nursing journal in March 2022 and presented multiple nursing research studies at nursing conferences. Also, she has published two children books and works at the Atlanta VA Medical Center in the Home-Based Primary Care Program caring for military Veterans. After returning from Afghanistan, Dr. Weaver enjoyed spending time with her only grandchild. She read to her granddaughter and saw how fascinated she was with the books and being read too. She looked for children’s books that she and her granddaughter could identified with. She found very few African American children series books that she could read to her granddaughter.

As a child while growing up there was no series that she could read about African American children. She grew up reading Pipi Long Stocking, Winnie the Pooh, and Nancy Drew. After having children, she read books such as Dr. Seuss, Arthur, Junie B, and other books that her children were fascinated with. During that time there were still no African American children’s books. Dr. Weaver decided to write children books. Currently, she resides in Flowery Branch, GA.

49. Author Yolanda Lance:

Yolanda Lance is the author of the inspirational book, “Ladies It’s Just a Piece of the Puzzle.”  She grew up in a culturally diverse area in Miami, Florida, known as Miami Gardens, and later moved to Conyers, GA.  She spent many years working in social services and later became a public-school educator.  She has worked in education for over 20 years, earning a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an Emphasis in Secondary Reading, and an Educational Specialist in K-12 Leadership degree.  In her very first of many books to come, “Ladies It’s Just A Piece Of The Puzzle” she takes young ladies and women on a journey through the puzzle pieces of her life.  Those lessons discuss her laughs, tears, hopes, joys, disappointments, wisdom gained, etc. She realized that many of her life’s puzzle pieces fit together; some did not, but they all had some connection.  Each chapter presents a lesson to be learned coupled with a corresponding scripture reference.  As founder of Yolandipity LLC, her website encourages individuals to “Be a Better You with the Beatitudes.” There are products that contain encouraging images combined with scriptures, designed to inspire and empower. She is passionate about encouraging women to find their greatness from within.  Her faith drives her and is a great source of inspiration.  She resides in a rural area in Conyers, GA, where she enjoys the beauty of nature, and deer or two crossing her property.

50. Authors Bailey Butler and Christina Dix: Owners of

Bailey Wailey Company: Empowering Kids Through Heartfelt Stories and Positive Products

Welcome to Bailey Wailey Company, where heartfelt stories come to life, empowering children to navigate life’s challenges with resilience, empathy, and positivity. Founded by Christina Dix, inspired by her daughter Bailey’s journey, our company is dedicated to creating meaningful literature and uplifting products that resonate with young kids. At the heart of our offerings is “When I Became a Big Sister,” a touching children’s book authored by Bailey herself at the tender age of 8. This story chronicles Bailey’s personal struggle and triumph as she adjusts to welcoming a new sibling into her life. Through Bailey’s raw emotions and insightful reflections, young readers aged 4-8 embark on a journey of self-discovery, empathy, and the transformative power of love within sibling relationships.

But Bailey Wailey Company is more than just a publisher. We believe in fostering positivity and emotional well-being from an early age. That’s why we offer a range of merchandise designed to encourage positivity, gratitude, and self-affirmation. Our journals provide a safe space for children to explore their thoughts, express gratitude, and set affirmations for a brighter tomorrow. In addition to our heartfelt literature and journals, we are proud to offer a selection of natural, organic products specially crafted for children. From lip balm and lip gloss to tumblers and nail polish, each product is made with %100 organic ingredients, ensuring gentle care for your child’s delicate skin.

Join us in our mission to empower young minds through storytelling and positive products. Whether you’re a parent, educator, or bookstore owner, Bailey Wailey Company invites you to explore our heartfelt merchandise and be a part of our journey to uplift and inspire children worldwide. Experience the magic of Bailey Wailey Company today and embark on a journey of empathy, resilience, positivity, and love.

51. Authors Michael E. Owens and Leda Owens: and

Michael began writing in Middle School. While in high school, he won the Journalism Gold Medal Award. This encouraged him to continue writing where he was recognized for his writing of historical events as well as his performance in drama, winning the Best Actor Award his senior year in college. He completed his Master’s degree at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. Gallaudet is the only liberal arts college in the world designed for deaf individuals. He has continued his dramatic career as an actor, director, and playwright. His most recent endeavors included writing and directing plays for Gwinnett and Roswell senior adult centers. In 2015, he relocated to Georgia from Louisiana to marry the lovely Leda in 2016.

At that time he joined the Scribblers Christian Writers Group, which helped him publish his first two young adult historical novels. He and his wife Leda began writing and illustrating the first of their six children’s books. Their latest children’s book illustrated by Leda, Camelino, the Little Camel Who Met Little Jesus, won Children’s Book Cover of the Year Award (GAIYA). Together, Mike and Leda have co-published the six Childrens’ books, as well as three young adult novels (The Summer of Heros, Does the River Ever End and Blood on the Grade Book) and two books for adult drama titled Ordinary People – Extraordinary God, Volumes 1 and 2. For children, they have published The Happy Life of a Possum named Owen, Ms. Mouse Wants a New House, Rumblin’ Rudy, The I Hate Vegetable Book of Poetry for Kids and The Bird Nest Real Estate Agency. Leda has also illustrated additional books by other Scribbler authors including, The Tale Tail of Crispy the Squirrel and Bronnie Bronto and His Dino Dollars.

52. Author Jacqueline T. Johnson: Website:, Books: Test of Time, Mirror in Time, Shattered Time, Chasm in Time, Season End

Jacqueline T. Johnson is an award-winning short story author and fantasy writer. Jacqueline has enjoyed advancing her writing career by garnishing several best book award nominations and premier finalist. Her writing has received five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads for fantasy series. 

53. Author Inita N. Callaway, goes by INC Writes:

Inita Nicole Callaway, known as INC, chose the latter path to her pen. In 2017, she emerged from a difficult divorce, and in 2018, she launched her successful blog, “The B – Logs.”. As INC embarked on her healing journey, her creative spirit flourished, allowing her to become a compelling storyteller, speaker and an advocate for women on their paths to healing and becoming. Her central messages are the power of words and being on a continuous path of healing to perpetually meet a new improved version of yourself. She often says: “Words are expensive, use them wisely. “ INC has ghostwritten over ten published books and wrote for businesses. Her exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, have paved the way for collaborations with a diverse range of personalities, resulting in exceptional projects. Her work ethic has afforded her the privilege of working alongside NFL Hall of Famers, Division I college coaches, and numerous professionals. INC has written three titles of her own called, “I’m Writing My Wrongs, I’m Not Righting My Wrongs” (2018), “At Last, Ivy” (2024), and “At Last, (Your Name Here!): Where the Heart Work Begins” (2024).

INC founded Inita Nicole Creatives Agency, a business that encompasses content creation, book writing, business writing, creative consulting, workshops, and personalized transformational messages for countless women annually. Her goal is to grow her business to support writers and creatives develop and hone their skills.

54. Author Lashawnda Woodard:

Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, Lashawnda Woodard’s life was full of adventure. She lived in one of those neighborhoods where everyone knew everybody, where people started friendships in elementary school that lasted a life time, and where the village was always there to help. The greatest influence in her was her mother who instilled the values of family, faith and education. But although Lashawnda’s mother was there every step of the way, she wasn’t interested in her lessons and took a different path that led to a road of so many self-inflicted mistakes, leaving her depressed and anxious in her young life. She became a young mother, dropped out of school and fell into a downward spiral until she finally made the decision to break the chains and turn her life around. 7220 is her memoir, a tribute to the family and village that raised her… and to her children. This is her story of raising her son, Smurkio, along with her other son and daughters who have all risen to superstar status in their own way and are living the lessons of from her own mother she has tried to pass on to them.

55. Author Christopher Fontes:

Christopher Fontes is a multifaceted individual known for his work as a poet, spoken word artist, author, and father. As a poet, I use the power of words and language to express emotions, ideas, and personal experiences. As a spoken word artist, I record my poetry and perform my poetry in front of live audiences. As an author, I have written and self published 3 poetry books, with my most recent and most active being “DECADES Book of Poems”. Lastly, as a father to two beautiful daughters, I take on the responsibilities and joys of parenthood. Overall, I am an individual who combines his passion for poetry and spoken word with his role as an author and father, allowing these aspects of my life to inform and inspire people.

56. Author Susan Hines:

Susan H. Hines, a business owner and author of a children’s book series, draws inspiration from her beloved Standard Schnauzer, “Buckley,” for thrilling backyard adventures. Drawing on Buckley’s innate learning abilities and intelligence, she highlights the unique bond between humans and their furry companions, promoting joy and companionship. By identifying academic gaps and essential literacy requirements, she seeks creative ways to make learning enjoyable. Through her distinct perspective, she engages young readers, crafting an interactive and enlightening narrative.

Hines earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL. She continued her education by obtaining a master’s degree at DeVry University in Atlanta, GA, achieving advanced degrees in both Business Administration and Information Systems Management. Hines is currently working toward her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior. Additionally, Hines is certified in Project Management and has a background in supporting early childhood education within daycare systems.

As the youngest of eight siblings, she has played a role in the growth of her twenty-three nieces and nephews, as well as actively supporting future generations. With over twenty years of experience as an IT Program/Project manager, her dedication to continual learning and staying up to date with new technologies enriches her interactions with children. Keeping abreast of current trends underscores her dedication to early literacy goals. She currently lives in the Atlanta Metropolitan area with her husband, Edward, and their Standard Schnauzer, Sir Winston Buckley, the main character in the Buckley Children’s Book Series.

57. Author Ken Urbansky:

After receiving the highest grade in his eighth-grade creative writing class, Ken set writing aside for nearly fifty years to pursue other interests. In 1964, He traded his saxophone and involvement in the high school marching band for an electric guitar and rock and roll. The guitar surrendered to an M-16 when he enlisted in the US Army in 1968, and the M-16 gave way to the Bible when he and his wife Randi  committed themselves to Jesus Christ while he served as a Military Policeman in Berchtesgaden, Germany. After their return home in 1971, they found that traditional protestant churches unwelcoming to two converted hippies who believed first-century Christianity could be restored in the present time. Undeterred, they planted their  first church in 1972 in Avon Lake, Ohio, and spent the next forty-five years in Christian ministry. Ken served as pastor and worship leader in the two churches they planted and also with the Assemblies of God, Methodists, and an independent denomination.

In 2010, Ken turned his attention back to writing, and with the help of a good friend and fellow minister (Bob Mertes), he wrote the first two books of the Eden Quest series, which is Biblical speculative fiction.

After Bob died of Covid 19 in 2020, Ken took a break from the Eden Quest series and wrote The Timeless Apostle, a time-travel novel set in 1st-century Galilee where a 21st-century agnostic travels back in time to become one of Jesus’ apostles.

58. Author Kiara Lockhart:

From Kay House’s own tough times came “Dear Destiny.” It’s more than just a name; it’s a light of hope for women like you and her. Through her own struggles, Kay found a way to help women put their lives back together, find balance in being a mom, and feel closer to God.

Here, they start a journey of feeling better, getting stronger, and growing closer to God. Together, they can handle the good times and the bad, because they believe in God.

Kay House Publications has teamed up with Badu Kids TV to introduce “Adventures with Sonnie the Lion,” a fun way for families to enjoy Bible stories together. Their mission, in collaboration with Badu Kidz, is to bring families closer through faith, love, and understanding. They dream of a world where families are happy and kind because of their faith.

Thanks for coming on this amazing trip with Kay. They can’t wait to be by your side as you find your way, one step at a time.

59. Author Linda Troutman: Instagram – @ prayerductive

Linda Troutman earned her bachelor’s degree with a Journalism major, English minor from Georgia State University and received a Creative Writing Certificate from Emory University’s Creative Writing program.  In her debut publications, Linda aims to share her conviction that God is no respecter of person and His gifts and blessings are unlimited and available to anyone who chooses to receive. It is her desire that everyone destroy the limiting narratives they have placed on themselves, receive God’s blessings and step into their purpose.  

Prayer-Ductive:  Prayer-Ductive is a readily available resource of prayers comprised of topical scriptures to help you in times when you are eager to pray and when you find yourself needing help to pray. We all want to be productive in this life and to become the person God designed us to be.  For this to happen we need to pray, and we need to pray God’s will.  Scripture-based prayers are powerful because we know that they are God’s will, and God promises that His word does not return void.  Praying and having intimate communication with God is life-changing.  

In addition to the prayers, there are workbook sections for you to use to work on your goals, to house your specific prayer lists, and pages to help you journal and manage your day.  You will find that time spent with Prayer-Ductive will give you the spiritual reset you need to fortify you in your all your personal quests. Let Prayer-Ductive be your place of refuge, your confidant and your creative space. Enjoy your process and your progress!

60. Author Kylin D. Green:

Author Kylin D. Green is 13 years old. He enjoys his cell phone, track, swimming, and creating. It is his hope to encourage generations of children to come through his stories. “Beast Shade”  developed when Kylin’s mother recognized his love for coloring, drawing, writing stories, and his love for imagination and animation. At the age of 8, Kylin began reading the “Dog Man” book series by Dav Pilkey. From this exposure, and his ear hustling view into his mother’s venting sessions about her profession, “Beast Shade” developed. As a child of a counselor, Kylin always had a front row seat within the mental health world of children. Subsequently, he created the “Beast Shade” book series, intended to encourage and inspire younger audiences for the rollercoaster ride that comes with living life. This book series follow Alex’s battle with depression that manifests as a supernatural transformation. Alex seeks answers from a mysterious stranger, and begins a journey of self discovery, and emotional turmoil. As his transformation continues, he confronts and fights to gain control of his emotions. He makes a heartbreaking sacrifice, ultimately morphing into another creature, signifying his battle is won, but little does he know, the true battle has only begun. 

61. Author Dr. Amy L. Franklin:

Dr. Amy L. Franklin was born in Washington, DC. where, at a very, young age, she accepted Christ in her life. By the time she was a teenager, she had read the entire bible 5 times. Her parents found her late at night with a flashlight reading the bible under the blankets in the dark. To date, she has currently read the bible from cover to cover over twenty times.

Career Achievements: Dr. Franklin has held positions in the Federal Government in assignments around the world, to include the Pentagon. She taught college courses stateside & overseas. She was also a sought-after public speaker in various disciplines. Most notable, was a speaking engagement, in West Palm beach, Florida where she was the keynote speaker to an audience of over 400 people, including congressional representatives. She represented Diversity for her county in Maryland. She also modeled & designed clothes during her travels & was recently selected to model in the Seniors on the Runway in Atlanta Georgia. She has earned an Associate degree, Bachelor, Masters, Graduate certificate, & a PhD, in Organizational Leadership.

After the dissolution of her marriage of 29 years, she began a bible journal for healing, which evolved into a book “12 Steps to Survive a Divorce or Separation through Bible Scripture”. Local churches have used this book in their Marriage & Divorce Programs. In 2019, she retired from the Federal Government in Washington D.C. & currently lives in Conyers, Georgia where she is a full-time actor. She also enjoys singing gospel and playing the piano. She has two children, a daughter, Jaimee, son John III and grandson Devon.

62. Author Jeannine Ferrell:

Jeannine Ferrell is an Author, Life and Divorce coach, motivational speaker, social media influencer and proud mother of three. originally From Providence, RI but has called the small town of Rex Ga home for over 20 years. Her passion and purpose is to help as many women as possible to thrive after divorce. She takes a straight up approach to coaching; she believes in meeting people where they are and often describes her coaching and writing style as ” Coming from the place of a best friend and sister that you always needed.”

Her book “The girls guide to life after divorce” is a lighthearted and honest journey to self discovery and offers tangible tools to help women meet their goal’s after divorce. This book includes journaling and thought provoking questions that will push the reader to think outside of the box and to help shift their perspective.

63. Author Dr. Tamara Stephens:

Dr. Tamara Stephens is a wife, boy mom x3, and grandmother. She is also an assistant professor of nursing at Georgia State University, an author, and speaker. Other than spending time with family, she absolutely loves working in service to others. She’s done medical missionary work in Haiti, is a Meals on Wheels volunteer, and collects and distributes items for Atlanta’s unhoused population.

Tamara often describes her life journey as “eventful” filled with the extremes of tribulations and failures but also the greatest joys and successes. Along her journey she’s learned to appreciate all of life’s experiences. At some point in her life, she began to recognize and understand that even the most challenging and difficult events were necessary parts of her personal evolution. Her mission now is to help others learn to be prudent students of this “Earth School” in which we are all enrolled. She’s helping people to become curious, patient, accepting, and appreciative of every life experience and to ultimately to live their purpose.

In “Well of Course” Dr. Stephens shares life experiences that illustrate and demonstrate:

  • How to recognize lessons in everyday life experiences
  • How to identify clues to your purpose here on earth
  • How to appreciate the small stuff
  • How transformation, love, gratitude, connection, and balance can enhance your experience of life

64. Author/ Proprietor Stevie Michaels:

Stevie Michaels is a multi-talented woman, being the proprietor of Truly Poetic Gifts, and adding newly published author as of November 2017. She has had a trying journey through Domestic Violence and is in a much better place residing in Georgia with her 3 amazing adult sons. She encourages others, mentors women with low self-esteem, has spoken live in front of several audiences, and spoken on the radio. She attends conferences with the goal of making people aware of Domestic Violence and its varying forms with the message that it is not acceptable.

Synopsis: Third Time…My Charm is a painful experience through the mind of a woman, looking for love. Her choices in relationships will make you laugh, make you mad and even make you cry. She ends up in abusive situations that she hides. Her theory is she….it wasn’t that much of abuse. It was. Millions of people experience Domestic Violence on many levels: physical, emotional, mental, verbal, etc. Men and women have different views on what is tolerable and what’s not okay. None of it is okay.

65. Author James R. Mapp as represented by his daughter Brenda Hackett:

In “Chance or Circumstance?” author, James R. Mapp takes readers on a gripping journey through the tumultuous 1960s.  At its core, the book poses a poignant question: What motivates a person to risk it all in the name of justice and equality? The answer unfolds through the life of the author, who undeterred by dangers to himself and his family, becomes a catalyst for change.  “Chance or Circumstance?” is a unique blend of historical insight and personal testimony.  Mapp’s narrative weaves seamlessly between the broader struggle for civil rights and the intimate details of his own life in his adopted city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The book chronicles the challenges, strategic maneuvers and the unbreakable bonds of family that were pivotal in the quest for justice.  One of the book’s standout features is the inclusion of original archival documents from the era.  “Chance or Circumstance?” is a living testament to the courage of those who dared to challenge the status quo and pave the way to a more just society.

James R. Mapp garnered widespread recognition, earning numerous awards and accolades both locally and nationally for his unwavering commitment to advancing justice and equal opportunity for African Americans.  Due to his remarkable leadership, he was honored with a building bearing his name at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  Positioned on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, the building location resonates with historical significance, paying homage to the enduring legacy of those who have championed civil rights and equality. 

66. Author Skye Oduaran:

12-year-old Skye Oduaran has covered numerous political events at the state and national levels. Skye covered the Georgia gubernatorial and Senate elections, meeting prominent figures, including President Barack Obama. She has interviewed Governor Brian Kemp, U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock, former United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young, State Rep. Stacey Abrams, Atlanta Journal-Constitution Reporter Ernie Suggs, and Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens, among many others. In the fall of 2022, Skye covered President Biden’s Pardoning of the Thanksgiving Turkeys, Chocolate & Chip, from the White House. The following year, 2023, she covered the President’s Pardoning of the Thanksgiving Turkeys, Liberty & Bell from the White House and interviewed the U.S. Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre. She went on to interview actresses America Ferrera, Tessa Thompson, Poet Laurette Ada Limón, Pulitzer-Prize Winner Isabel Wilkerson, Minority Leader of the Florida House of Representatives Fentrice Driskell, Atlanta journalist Monica Pearson, and journalist & relative of Coretta Scott King, Marian Alexis Scott.

67. Author Tega Oduaran:

68. Author Aurelia Morris:

Aurelia Morris, is a 25-year-old Liberian-American keynote speaker, an entrepreneur and mom. Her appearances on Ryan Seacrest Studios, Champion Newspaper, JPRG Radio Station, and more, attest to her impact and credibility. Aurelia’s book, crafted at the age of 21, “The Golden Mindset,” isn’t just a book—it’s an invitation to a life-altering journey. It isn’t just another self help book; it’s a catalyst for radical change. It arms readers with the tools needed to mold their mindset into an unstoppable force, propelling them toward their ultimate potential and a life of purpose despite age.

With Aurelia’s voice on every page, “The Golden Mindset” becomes a stepping stone toward a life defined by purpose and possibility. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and ultimately transformed as you embark on this extraordinary journey.

Don’t just read “The Golden Mindset”—embrace it, embody it, and allow it to turn your “what ifs” into your reality. 

69. Author Cheryl M. Peeples:

Cheryl M. Peeples is the Senior Pastor of Royal Priesthood International Ministries Inc. located at 3567 Covington Hwy Decatur, GA 30032. She is the CEO of Caravan of Love Outreach Center in Stone Mountain, Georgia and has been in ministry for 25 years. Cheryl M. Peeples has a deep love for community outreach throughout the metro-Atlanta, Florida area, and other Southeast states. Her ministry reached as far as the Bahamas and Aruba. She has a powerful prophetic and deliverance ministry. She is an advocate for helping men, women, and families in transition to get shelter and basic needs. She has a deep compassion for advocating for the needs of autistic children. Cheryl M. Peeples is an extraordinary leader who has been honored with many prestigious awards for her humanitarian efforts.

The Offspring of Betrayal is Forgiveness is a three-volume series that explores the complexities of betrayal from a biblical, spiritual, and interpersonal perspective. Volume I highlights the biblical origins of betrayal and sets the foundation for understanding how betrayal manifests in daily life. Volume II uncovers how jealousy and envy fuel betrayal within interpersonal relationships. Not only does this volume explore relational betrayal, it also discusses how to heal from self-imposed betrayal. This series concludes with Volume III, a prescription for healing from various types of betrayals that breaks down marital unions. All volumes in this series can help one find everlasting wholeness and restoration through Jesus Christ and recognize how therapy and counseling can contribute to the journey of healing.

70. Author David E. Reddick:

David E Reddick is an author, public speaker, and public/civil servant. Reddick is a native of Anniston, Alabama. Soon after graduating from Anniston High School, he served over six years on active duty in the US Navy. While in the Navy he specialized in aviation ordinance, weapons systems checks and repair, and intermediate systems maintenance of the F/A-18 hornet aircraft. While on active duty Reddick received many awards including “The Stand-Out Warrior Award” for quick action that helped save the
lives of his co-workers and himself. 

Reddick writes from his passion and experience. He uses his expertise in helping to change and evolve lives in his writings. From Children’s books to self-help, there is a message in work published. He takes complicated and simplifies it into practical and useful. 

72. Author Dorothye Quaye Chapman Reed:

Known to most Mississippians as “Dottie”, Quaye Chapman Reed possesses a range of experience in a number of industry sectors from corporate America to higher education to the non-profit arena. As the first black Admissions Counselor at the University of Mississippi, Quaye travelled across the state of Mississippi and into west Tennessee recruiting high school and junior college students. She worked with the Black Student Union and numerous students accompanied her to Career Days and school visits.  It was through her work with the Black Student Union that an annual National Achievement Conference was formed to provide students an opportunity to visit the campus during Black History Week. The conference proved to be a most successful tool and continued to be held for many years.  When Quaye left Ole Miss in 1977, the black student enrollment had tripled.   She returned to the campus in 2009 to receive the inaugural Dr. Jeanette Jennings Trailblazer Award, given and named in honor of the first black Ole Miss faculty member.

Quaye left Ole Miss after getting an offer from the late, former Ole Miss Vice President, Dr. Arthur DeRosier, Jr., to join his staff at East Tennessee State University. She spent four years as Assistant Director of the Student Center at East Tennessee State. Afterwards she moved into the corporate arena with two Fortune 500 companies.  As a sales and marketing representative for The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones and Company, Inc. Quaye called on colleges and major retail accounts across the southeastern United States. In her last corporate position, she was the Associate Editorial Manager, Midwest Region, Construction Information Division of McGraw-Hill Financial, where she was an active participant with the National Association of Women in Construction and was featured in an issue of the NAWIC Image magazine.

Through her own business, Chapman Reed Associates, she works as a professional consultant, trainer, and corporate liaison, often assisting business owners, local organizations and corporations with strategic planning, business development and program assessments.  Quaye holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Mississippi and conducted her graduate studies at East Tennessee State University. She is a certified NXLevel Entrepreneurial Trainer and holds a Construction Industry Technician certification from Clemson University. 

More recently she published her first book entitled, Outstanding Black Women of Yalobusha County – Their stories and contributions to a Mississippi Community. The book grew out of her newspaper column under the same name in The North Mississippi Herald in Water Valley, MS, her hometown. The column led to an oral history collaboration with the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at Ole Miss. In September 2022 the “Dottie Quaye Chapman Reed Collection” opened in the J.D. Williams Library at the University of Mississippi. Quaye is actively involved in the United Methodist Church and other civic and community organizations.  She resides in Atlanta, Georgia and is most proud of her three sons, two daughters-in-law, four grandsons and a granddaughter.


1. Artist, Skylar Jerome:

Artist, Skylar Jerome is a Conyers, Georgia native who graduated from East Georgia State College with an Associates Degree in Art. Skylar was honored to be a featured artists in the college’s Wiregrass Book 2021 which is the school’s art book. Skylar recently was notified that a piece of their art will be displayed in the High Museum in Atlanta and fabricated into a Pinata’ for the museums Exhibit HAPPY JOYLANTA. The exhibit will be on display from May 2023 till November 2023.

2. Bourbon Tourist: Unique Gifts for Lovers of Bourbon and Books!

Bourbon Tourist is a store featuring unique gifts for Bourbon Lovers and also anyone who loves books. Check them out online and also at the Conyers Book Festival where they will have a selection of book themed totes, prints, mugs, coasters, and bookmarks for those who partake and those who don’t.

3. The Sketching Pad: Store Link:

Vendor Bio:  Your artistic dreams are about to come true through art programs and art kits, designed just for you! Here at The Sketching Pad we know that many people want to be artistic but are unsure of where to start. With so many factors to consider, they get overwhelmed and give up on their dream. When someone is given the right tools, techniques, and encouragement, they are no longer confused but excited to have their dreams become a reality. We offer a diverse range of programs and kits because when people do something creative and new, it gives them confidence and joy.

Drop into the studio at 924 Center Street in Olde Town Conyers and paint pottery or canvases, or join a program to learn more advanced artistic skills. Order art kits online to gain artistic skills from home at

4. Janice Taylor: Find Taylored Creations at: and

Taylored Creations specializes in creating customized, personalized items for all occastions: plaques, mugs, coasters, mousepads, magnets, shirts and more. Have an anniversary, baby or bridal shower, Father’s Day, graduation, house warming, memorial, Mother’s Day, retirement party, Valentines Day, Wedding or other holiday or event coming up? Check us out!

5. Honeybee Botanicals: http://honeybeebotanicalsandthings

Honeybee Botanicals and Things offers natural products produced with honey butter and designed with appeal. Our soaps are designed to pamper the skin and are prepared with sea moss, goat’s milk, and of course, honey!

ate so please reach out with any suggestions, custom orders, skin conditions, or allergy concerns; I would love to craft something unique just for you!

6. Mida Apparel by Manny Arraiz:

Imagine a world where you can be proud of the things you love and there is no shame in the books you read, the body you have or the challenges you face with your mental health.

My name is Manny, cat mom, wife and creator of Mida. For years, finding adorable AND comfortable clothes seemed impossible, specially when stores are flooded with the same colors, trends and themes. So after many failed shopping trips to the mall, I decided to create my own designs, about my favorite books, hobbies and that were that item in your closet that I never wanted to take off.

Mida’s products are made to be your favorite tshirt, that coffee cup that you want to take everywhere, that perfect gift for your best friend that loves *that book*. Let yourself be proud of who you are and what you love.  I hope to make you feel, and believe, that you are the queen of the gym, the dragon slayer of that fantasy book or THAT girl that is taking her mental health to next level. The sky is the limit here at Mida.10..

7. Time to Party Events & Rentals: Bouncy House for kids, popcorn and cotton candy vendor.

8. Rockdale Animal Adoption Trailer:

9. Ann’s Organic Soap:

After crafting my first batch of soap out of pure creative curiosity, my passion was unlocked for bringing the best quality handmade soap and skin care to as many people as possible. I personally felt the benefits of using handmade soap, and after taking a look at the amount of unpronounceable ingredients that go into mass produced products, it was no wonder why. I take the small batch approach for my cold process soaps to ensure the quality of each bar. Every batch is designed with the body in mind and the ingredients are carefully curated to blend perfectly together. I love discovering the many properties of my ingredients and finding the perfect balance in each bar to harness the many benefits that they provide. Whether you are looking for exfoliation, acne treatment, anti-inflammatory, gentle aromatherapy, or a gift for a friend, there is a bar to suit every need.

I am always looking for new inspiration to create so please reach out with any suggestions, custom orders, skin conditions, or allergy concerns; I would love to craft something unique just for you!

10. Katie Miller Handmade: Instagram and Facebook @katiemillerhandmade

Katie Miller Handmade is a small faith-based home bookbinding studio located in McDonough, GA specializing in handbound journals and sketchbooks, Bible repair, and other treasures.  She graduated form the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in writing where she explored several creative paths before an old love for paper arts was rekindled by a newly discovered passion for books and literature.  While taking a papermaking course in between writing classes, she began to dream up her own handmade business.  It was during this daydream with her hands swirling around in a vat of paper pulp clouds where she pondered the possibility of marrying these complimentary art forms.  It just made sense and more importantly, it made her excited.  Now Katie Miller Handmade is the place where she can make things slowly with her hands and share them with other makers and creative souls.  Whether it’s an artist painting a landscape on her handmade paper, a writer filing up one of her handbound journals with stories, or a giddy book lover wearing one of her miniature book necklaces, Katie believes creativity is worth cultivating and it is her mission to make beautiful things that inspire and bring out the innate creative in all of us.

11. Pampered Pooch, Inc. :

For over three decades, our small family-owned grooming salon has been a cherished establishment in the historic Olde Town Conyers. Specializing in providing top-notch grooming services for beloved pets, our salon takes pride in using exclusively organic products to ensure the health and well-being of our furry clients. Thanks to our dedication to quality and service, we have earned the esteemed reputation of being the number one grooming salon in both the county and state.Located amidst the charming streets, lined with gracefully preserved historic style buildings, our salon fits seamlessly into the nostalgic atmosphere of Olde Town Conyers. As a family-owned business, we have deep roots in the community and consider all our loyal customers to be an extended part of our family. We recognize the significance of pets in our customers’ lives and strive to create a warm, welcoming environment where both pets and their humans feel comfortable and cared for.What sets our grooming salon apart from others is our commitment to using organic products. We firmly believe that pets deserve to be pampered with the same level of care and attention as humans. Therefore, we have carefully selected a range of high-quality, all-natural grooming products that are not only safe for pets but also environmentally friendly. Our organic products are free from harsh chemicals, toxins, and artificial fragrances, ensuring that pets receive the gentlest care possible.At our salon, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to cater to pets of all shapes and sizes. Our team of experienced groomers undergoes regular training to stay up-to-date with the latest grooming techniques and trends. Whether it’s a simple nail trim, a soothing bath, or a stylish haircut, our groomers are skilled in handling various breeds and temperaments to ensure a stress-free grooming experience for each pet.We understand that every pet is unique, and we prioritize individualized attention to cater to their specific needs. Before each grooming session, we spend time getting to know the pets, listening to any concerns the owners might have, and asking about their preferences. This personalized approach allows us to create a grooming plan that suits each pet’s personality, ensuring that they feel comfortable and enjoy their time at our salon.Our commitment to excellence has earned us the trust and loyalty of pet owners throughout the county and state. We take pride in being recognized as the number one grooming salon, a recognition that is a testament to our dedication, professionalism, and the genuine care we provide to our four-legged customers. We never compromise on the quality of our services, making sure every pet leaves our salon looking and feeling their best.As a small family-owned business, community involvement is an essential aspect of our ethos. We actively participate in local events, donate our services to animal shelters, and collaborate with other businesses in Olde Town Conyers to promote pet-friendly initiatives. Our salon is not just a place for grooming; it’s an integral part of the Olde Town Conyers community, where pets and their owners find solace, companionship, and genuine care.In conclusion, our small family-owned grooming salon has been a beloved establishment in historic Olde Town Conyers for over 30 years. Our commitment to using organic products, personalized service, and unwavering dedication to quality has earned us the distinguished honor of being the number one grooming salon in both the county and state. We invite all pet owners to experience the warmth and professionalism of our salon, where pets are not just clients, but a part of our extended family.

12. Charmed Bookmarks:, @CharmedBookmarks

 Charmed Bookmarks is a company based in Atlanta, Georgia, founded in 2019, that specializes in beautiful, high-quality, stylish bookmarks. They were brought to life ten years before by the owner and creator, an avid book reader and passionate jewelry maker that loves high-quality, rare finds that made reading more stylish.  One fateful day, a couple of her co-workers requested a few of those beautiful bookmarks to be made as gifts, and as the saying goes…the rest is history.

   These bookmarks are made of metal material, and adorned with various colors of beads, charms, and tassels. They’re great for those who love reading traditional books, and loves things. And given the quality material used they last for years to come to adorn all your books until you pick up where you left off. Books come and go, but Charmed Bookmarks last forever. 

   Whether you’re a student with traditional copy books to study, or a sci-fi, romance novel, cookbook, or self-help reader enthusiast. Whether you have one, two, or five books you read at a time. Maybe you go long bouts between reading spells. Either way, Charmed Bookmarks will be your lovely reminder to pick up where you left off.

13. Hunner Henderson presents Kolleen’s Krafts: @KolleensKrafts

14. Holland’s Rustic Charms: Handmade Home Decor including rustic wood signs, trays, risers, sewing and crochets.

15. Artist Sylvia Cohen of GBaby Art Inc.:

With an artistic individuality all her own, artist Sylvia “Gbaby” Cohen, founder of Gbaby™, purposes her art as an apparatus built to inspire, encourage, and spark motivation in all that encounter each one-of-a-kind piece. Sylvia continues to stay true to her signature by creating visual eloquence in every bold and powerful image of a woman she paints. With its exclusive hand-painted handbags conquered, the Gbaby™ brand has launched into a new medium to expand the collection.

Gbaby™ took root in the early 2000s when Sylvia’s teenage daughter, Giovonnie Samuels, who was an actress on Nickelodeon’s All That, was looking for a handbag to wear to an awards ceremony. During their search, the mother-daughter duo discovered a void in the fashion industry; there were no handbags or t-shirts that reflected images of beautiful black women. Sylvia’s creative spirit took hold and she painted her first Gbaby™ handbag. It gained instant popularity with the mothers and kids on set and within no time she was spending all her time as “set mom” painting handbags and shirts. Little did she know it would be the first step into building the brand known today as Gbaby™.

16. Barbara Kelley, Oliver’s Third Daughter: Handmade Cloth Handbag vendor.

Barbara Kelley is a clothing design artist who makes vintage shoulder bags as pieces of art. She first started making bags when her son-in-law gifted her with a bold of antique denim. This was a gift that set her free to be creative without the encumbrances of a heavy outlay for materials. Because she was raised during the post-depression era, she grew up with a heightened awareness of society’s disconcerting practice of wasting materials that add to the decomposition of the environment. She aims to utilize materials others might deem as excess–plastics, metals, and cloths that would otherwise be wasted and make them into something beautiful and useful. Barbara believes that Americans should focus more on recycling on a day-to-day basis, and hopes that her bags will show people what they can do with things before they end up in a trash heap.

17. DJEA Natural Hair Spa, Inc.:

Founded by Ginette Nean

Looking to transition your hair to your natural texture or starting your loc journey but are unsure how to do it? At DJea Natural Hair Spa, we guide you to get the hair you’ve been dreaming of! We walk with you step by step to restore your hair/ locs. We do our very best to provide you with varieties in styling your hair and locs. DJea Natural Hair Spa knows each person is different and has different needs for their hair and locs! We’ll educate you about YOUR hair. We’ll stay by your side through your hair and locs journey and show you the variety you can achieve with your personal hair style and loc style!

Why you should choose us because we are one of the top natural salon in Atlanta. Healthy hair and healthy locs is our priority!

18. The BOO-tique:

19. Nailz_by_Pher by Pherrise Herd: IG:  @Nailz_By_Pher

I have always been artistic but my technology/geek side took over for many years. I was an avid Nail Salon attendee, getting tip extensions. Pricing for this luxury increased outrageously. Since I’m still in Tech, anything over medium length I can’t work with. So, I said, I WANNA DESIGN my own, while taking care of my nails properly. So, grabbing some items from Amazon, I started practicing, and here I am ready to sell! I also offer my own recipes for cuticle oil and intensive hand cream to keep the phalanges looking spectacular!


1. Food truck, Seis Hermanas: Seis hermanas 977 S Main St NE, Conyers GA 30012 7703101574. Open 10:am to 9pm. Located at 975 South Main St NE. Conyers, GA. We offer a wide array of fresh food – wings combo 10 pieces, quesabirria with dip, pollo bandido, mix fajita, fish taco, mix quesadillas, steak burrito, and pollo molcajete. We use the freshest ingredients in preparing our food to provide the best quality and taste. Try our delicious food today!

2. CheffreysKitchen:

Chef Kiyoka’s vision is to bring the beauty and culture of kaiseki (懐石), a traditional Japanese multi-course meal, to Atlanta through making accessible and affordable shokado bento boxes (松花堂弁当). Her focus is to use quality seasonal ingredients, through future collaboration with local Georgia organic farms, to create an edible artistic landscape within each hand-crafted bento box.

3. Knock U Out Barbecue:

KNOCK U OUT BBQ : is a Full Service restaurant in Conyers Georgia area. Specializing in authentic barbecue for Homes and Businesses. Home delivery & catering is available. That’s right you don’t come to us we come to you. Our company slogan : “Moma Say Knock U Out” Tennessee and South Georgia style BBQ

4. Atlanta Pizza & Gyro: Owner, Mike A. Hall, 1565 GA-138, Conyers, Georgia 30013

5. KD Tropical Paradise: Smoothies and taco truck


The following merchants, law firms, and other organizations have donated time, money, or product to make The Conyers Book Festival a reality. Please show your appreciation by patronizing them whenever possible:


Old Town Merchants Association, LTD:

Olde Town Merchants Conyers, Georgia
The Olde Town Merchants LTD are merchants operating within the historic district of Olde Town Conyers

The Olde Town Merchants Association, LTD is an association of merchants who have businesses located in or who conduct business within the historic district of Olde Town Conyers, Georgia. It’s goal is to facilitate the economic growth of Olde Town in a way that is respectful of the area’s history while mindful of its progress.

The Read Law Firm, P.C.:

The Read Law Firm
The Read Law Firm PC has been in business for 20 years in Olde Town Conyers at 915 Commercial St., Conyers, Georgia 30012.

The Read Law Firm, P.C. is a personal injury law firm representing good people injured by the negligence of others with lawyers having over thirty years experience. We practice throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Check us out at and call 770-929-8644 for more information.

The Book Cellar:

951 Railroad Street, Conyers, Georgia, 30012

Visit The Book Cellar!

The Book Cellar is a woman-owned independent bookstore, located in the heart of Old Town Conyers, GA. We offer a variety of titles, new and used. Our cafe is the perfect place to grab light fare & drinks while you relax and read your favorite book. Our vision is to bring a welcoming space to the local community, where people can come together and bond over their love of reading and fellowship. Soon we hope to host community events as well as offer a space for book club meetings. 

Press Releases

November 2023


   Contact:  T.K. Read

   Phone: 770-653-6236

   Email: [email protected]


Conyers Book Festival Slated for April, 2023

(November 15 2022) The Merchants of Olde Town Conyers are planning to launch the very first Conyers Book Festival on April 22, 2023.  The festival will be held on the property of The Book Cellar, located at 951 Railroad Street in beautiful Olde Town Conyers.  Festival plans include author and industry speakers, author and publisher tents with books for all ages, book giveaways, food trucks, children’s activities and more.  Active sponsors for this event include The Book Cellar, The Read Law Firm, P.C. and the Olde Town Merchant’s Association.

For additional information regarding sponsorship or participation, contact T.K. Read at [email protected].


Book Festival Committee Members from Left to Right, Amber Hillegeist, Lorraine Harrison, Sandy Daniels, Co-Chair Tamara Gatson, Co-Chair T. K. Read, Noelle Cosby, Tara Huchelnestich, Neshia Thompson, and Ginette Nean